Sunday, April 25, 2010

Living ~ Creating ~ Being ~ Hoping ~ Dreaming ~ Growing ~ Transforming ~ Believing ~ Grieving and Healing


This is my new blog: it's about living ~ creating ~ being ~ hoping ~ dreaming ~ growing ~ transforming ~ believing ~ grieving and healing. I've created this blog as a way to record my progress in balancing healing and living, to create a daily description of thoughts, insights and inspirations at each moment of my healing journey. It's a personal account of what inspires me, what enlightens me, what surprises me, what comforts me, what delights me, what challenges me, what is meaningful to me and what uplifts me - anecdotes, discoveries and revelations. I thank all the sources of my inspiration, beautiful things I've gathered from hundreds of sources and plan to post here as a type of visual inspiration diary. This blog is my way of reflecting on ALL the steps I'm taking to transform my life, heal my soul and through this experience of transformation, find my purpose.

Love and light,
Miss P

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