Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arrows to the Heart

My Mother's Eyes ~ 'I am a woman who needs to be seen. I need it in a basic way, as in to breathe, to eat. Or not to be seen, that is the other increasingly attractive option, to give up the lifelong preoccupation of finding myself in others' eyes, the need to be taken in so that my existence is noted.'

Excerpt from 'The Gaze' from the book 'The Power of Beauty' by Nancy Friday.

I want to be seen, to be valued, trusted, loved. It is all I want and have always wanted. What's the lesson when the Universe shows me twice in one day that finally having enough confidence to open my heart, invite people in and give freely of myself can end in disappointment? It's risking being seen, revealing my true self and ultimately being rejected. Like arrows to the heart.

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