Thursday, May 13, 2010


One of my inspirations - I collect images of her. I'm entranced by Frida Kahlo's balance of femininity, grace and strength. She was a pioneer for female artists and a radical individualist. Her classic style statement just about knocks me over and I'm bewitched by the thought of lush, hot 1930's Mexico City - walled gardens of flowering bougainvillea, braided hair, saturated colors, banners, lanterns and antique lace. One of my favourite movies is Julie Taymor's FRIDA - evocative, romantic, sweeping and tragic. I love Lila Downs' hauntingly magical songs and Salma Hayek is perfect as Frida. My vintage Mexico fantasies will be realised, but till then, it’s unapologetic individuality, metaphorical bright dresses and flowers in the hair for me.

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