Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Plateau

A new perspective on where I find myself, shared by Karin G last week, regarding this 'plateau' I've reached in my life and reflected by my weight loss journey...

A plateau is a beautiful analogy. After a steep climb, achieving and succeeding at transforming my body, growing as a woman and healing my soul; this plateau is a gift. A chance to REST ~ to pause, to breathe, to reflect, to stop, to re-asses and regroup, to refocus my mind and body before bravely embarking onto the next phase of my healing journey ~ balancing healing and living.

This plateau is a resting place, necessary to energise myself for the next stage of the 'climb' and ultimately to achieve the 'summit', the goal (and maintenance after that!) This place I find myself doesn't have to be a place of failure, frustration, disappointment and inner criticism. I can choose to see it differently. No-one can take away the work I've done to get to this point. It's a massive life-changing achievement. I'm learning how to see this journey in perspective - I love this!

It's my intention to lose another 14 kilos. My body has settled at this weight but my mind has not. I know what to do to create this reality but I feel as if I need a plan (P-L-A-N: Predict Life Alternatives Now). I'm engaging the power of intention, my faith, strength, will and focus to make it happen.

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