Sunday, June 27, 2010

Divine Feminine

Text from 'The Triple Goddess Tarot' written and created by Isha Lerner and illustrated by Mara Friedman. Describing the open heart, a celebration of the Divine Feminine and Her connection (and ours) to the earth and Spirit.

'A beautiful goddess embraces the womb seed of new love. She caresses it near Her heart. Her fiery garment emanates waves of vibrational Life force that move upward out of the earth through Her body. This is the luminous energy of Tantra, the art of spirit-filled love, taught by the masters in the Eastern schools of initiation. It illuminates Her first and second Chakras - the centres of creativity and procreation. Her sexual desire is merged with the all-knowing aspect of Divine love. The upper region of Her body is blue, the color of truth. It is as if the vastness of the sky were united with Her body so that a tiny orb of the Moon can glow within Her. This inner Moon reflects the light of her original truth, revealing the infinite source of Love that is her birthright, the eternal gift of the Divine Feminine.'

Isha Lerner is an author, astrologer, Tarot consultant, scholar and flower essence teacher.

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