Monday, June 28, 2010

Heart Garden

My heart is a garden. It is tender and fragile, the newest of new greens, a bright, light green colour, the colour of the heart Chakra, the colour of new life and of growth, it pulsates with new heart energy.

First, an intention was planted there, a seed of love - my intention to heal my heart, to transform my Being. A germination of this seed took place. Next, I sprouted roots which are the strong foundations of self love and forgiveness, love from inside, love turned inward. Some firm roots to provide a grounding, to hold myself lovingly and prepare my heart for the budding of a new way of Being, for heart-led manifestations, beginnings and possibilities. Now, my greenness is beginning to spread, to reach outward. Young shoots begin to sprout and grow, my expression of unconditional love energy is emerging and being expressed to the world. My miracle.

My heart was a stone - dry, cold, hard, closed and impenetrable. The only way I knew how to breathe was to shut down emotionally and protect myself, to survive. Now during this time of tender blossoming, I feel a softening, a yielding, a surrendering, an awakening. Such joy, such pain to feel again. It's incredibly painful to FEEL my heart, this breaking open, this release. I'm enduring the pain of this process, these growing pains. My heart is now a tender place I can feel, a place from which to share myself, to guide my decisions and lead my life. It's a box to hold memories. It's a doorway to a more loving way of life. A more loving me.

Daily I quietly tend to the garden of my heart, I feed my heart garden with affirmations and spiritual nourishment, I water my heart with gratitude. I remind myself that I am loveable. I carefully weed and prune away the pain and resentments I've held onto, slowly releasing the grief I locked away there. Letting go of the old hardened shell, the cynicism, the criticism. I'm preparing my heart garden for magnificent love. I'm making space there. I am healing. I am designing it from the first seed, creating it. My beautiful heart garden full of potential. I lovingly anticipate the flourishing of beautiful, colourful and very rare blooms this spring.

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  1. 1 July 2010
    today i celebrate a year of knowing you - well -- getting to know you will take a life time maybe even lifetimes???!!! i am grateful for every opportunity i have of deepening my knowing of you (and also of showing of me to you!!) i feel so blessed and privileged to share such an emotionally intimate journey with you.
    you inspire me and draw a deep admiration from me for your courage in becoming YOU.
    loving always