Saturday, June 5, 2010

Heart Healing

Feel your heart. Let your heart heal you. Your heart is plump and tender, pulsing with love, so full and expansive, so sweet, so gentle, your sweet heart. Let it wash any constrictions in your body and mind and bathe your emotions with unbending, undying, unending, unconditional love. Bathe your organs with that sweet, expansive river of healing energy. Wash your very Being with the sweet healing nectar of your heart - feel it flow, feel it love you with each beat, feel it release, feel it surrender. Feel each tightness and constriction, each clenching and defensive posture slowly give way to love. Feel any constriction unfolding, feel yourself opening up. Feel yourself lighten your load - whatever weight is laying on your heart or pulling on your gut or speaking to you - release it, let it lift off and flow through the cosmos. Pure unconditional love, gratitude and abundance - let's bask in that for a while. Namaste.

Excerpt from 'Journey into Healing' Guided Meditation by Davidji from The Chopra Centre for Wellbeing.

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