Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lose Weight/Gain Self ~ A Work in Progress

As I lose weight, I am gaining Self. I am moving past my plateau at last, I weighed in this morning and am closer to my goal than ever before. Like any journey, I'm progressing one step at a time. I am losing weight, I am letting go of limiting beliefs, I am releasing long suppressed grief, I am unlocking my heart. I am gaining self-awareness, a new body awareness, a new way of seeing myself (+ new hair!) I am embracing my femininity and delighting in the emergence of my sensuality. I am learning the value of self-nurturance and am gaining an understanding of how to love and forgive myself - in this body, at any size. I am experiencing healing on all levels - this process is pure synchronicity - as I discover deeper levels of emotional healing and spiritual acceptance, my physical body is changing and healing ~ all is connected. I'm a true work in progress.

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