Friday, June 18, 2010

Red Healing

'In the ruddy shade of the red tent, the menstrual tent, they ran their fingers through my curls, repeating the escapades of their youths, the sagas of their childbirths. Their stories were like offerings of hope and strength poured out before the Queen of Heaven, only these gifts were not for any god or goddess - but for me. I can still feel how my mothers loved me. I have cherished their love always. It sustained me. It kept me alive. Even after I left them, and even now, so long after their deaths, I am comforted by their memory.' ~ Excerpt from 'The Red Tent' by Anita Diamant.

Root Chakra Affirmation:
'The earth supports me as I love and nourish my body.'

This time of energy leaving my body, of draining, of bleeding, is a time of celebration. I celebrate my menstrual gift, the sign of my body healing, of my fertility. I celebrate myself as a woman, as part of womanhood, our cycles in sync with the phases of the moon, our primal connection to the earth, our power as women to create life within our wombs. To be mothers. This is a time of rest, reflection and contemplation, a time to be insular, quiet and warm. The pain is a right of passage, a ceremony. I create a safe and sacred space for myself now, surround myself with red - the root chakra colour - the colour of grounding, safety, blood, life. I prepare my environment, making it fragrant and beautiful, I treat myself with ultimate care and nurture myself. I engage my very clear memories of being wrapped in my mother's embrace, surrounded by love, immersed in it. I hold onto that feeling and let it support me.

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