Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Each Wondrous One of Us

'Join me for a moment if you will and just for a moment, enter a new fantasy place. Leave behind this world with all its limiting exhortations about what does and doesn't qualify as physical beauty. In this new fantasy place, our body size and shape, skin, hair and eye colour are all as invisible as the Soul seems to be in our current reality. Instead, in this new world, what is visible is the depth and breadth of our Sacredness. No one soul is any more valuable than another. We know and understand that we are all connected. What would living this life of clarity, love and kindness do for stress, ulcers, cancer and all other dis-eases imaginable? What has happened to us? How could our exterior appearance become more important than honouring the Divinity in each and every wondrous one of us? We've been conned into thinking that it's our eating habits and our weight that can be self-destructive. Really? What's really destructive is forgetting that we are Sacred Beings deserving of love.'

Excerpt from the Odyssey magazine article 'The Ego-Less Body' by Cari Corbet-Owen, clinical psychologist and author of 'Mind Over Fatter'.

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