Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Living Investment

'Where's my bear to lick me clean?
Feed my soul milk and honey.' ~ Lyrics from 'Moon and Moon' by Bat for Lashes

The best investments are living investments that turn into precious gifts. Five and a half years ago I adopted a 5-month old silver tabby oriental kitten from the SPCA and paid the necessary donation. Already a teenager, she immediately began to carve a place in my home, my heart and my life. Now fully entrenched in my Being and my everyday (I can't fall asleep until she curls up with me at night)... my little kitty queen Pistachio is a perfect feline specimen. A moving sculpture. I used to think it was sheer luck that made me find such a gem that day, now it's a joy to reflect on the synchronicity of this experience and the fact that SHE CHOSE ME. We have a magical connection - soul to soul - I can see now that we were meant to be here for each other in this life and our connection is eternal. My 'investment' turned into something SO priceless, my 'Secret Shifter' who gives me such enormous love everyday. Thank you for choosing me, my Tachie Bear.

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