Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sacred Sign-Bearers

'Animals - our companions, sentient Beings - and human Beings are here to fulfill a Divine Sacred purpose. We're all filled with the individuated spark of Divine Intelligence. We are sons and daughters of Spirit, filled with and surrounded by this Awareness, connecting and intertwining inside and outside time and space. Inherent in this dance is a Power too great to measure or even contemplate. We may be unaware of the part we play on behalf of others, but Spirit always knows where to lead us to learn and grow.

If we remember this, perhaps we'll recall the most important aspect of our existence - that we are placed here as the custodians of this Sacred Earth, instead of the intrusive and destructive force we have become. Even if we're undeserving and the planet seems to be dying, the creatures of earth, sea and sky wait for us to notice that Spirit is everywhere, they want to restart their conversations with us, be our Sacred sign-bearers. I know the magic is waiting and Spirit knows, too. We all need to experience the world as being more that just physical. We must begin to behave as if God in all life matters.'

Excerpt from 'Messages from Spirit' by Colette Baron-Reid

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