Monday, August 16, 2010

Light by Nature

'All of Life is Light; inherent in all of Life is a miracle.' ~ Colette Baron-Reid

'The path of expanding Consciousness is subtle, natural and open to everyone. To notice who you are is simple, not difficult ~ you can be gentle with yourself, there is no timetable, no need for rigour or discipline. Your job is to notice that there is light within you, however small. A small candle is only different from the blazing sun by a matter of degree. Both are light by nature. Whatever makes your light grow will serve you.' ~ Deepak Chopra

I thought my candle had long been extinguished but now I know that there is light within every one of us, we are also light by nature. Seeing my own light has been a journey. I feel blessed to have found a way towards my own understanding of my true nature, this natural inward opening, this meeting of my Self, at last. Today I will let my light shine brightly in the world and see and appreciate the magnificent glow in everyone I meet.

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