Monday, August 23, 2010

Love your Ego

'Over the course of your life, the fabric of all your decisions in every moment has become your sense of self - the way that YOU look at YOURSELF - your self-esteem, how you desire to present yourself to the world and how you want the world to look at you. This is your ego! I’ve heard so many spiritual teachers encourage people to deny their ego. That concept doesn't resonate with me. I believe in embracing who we are, working at understanding our ego better and paying deeper attention to the choices we make. Love your ego!' ~ Davidji

As I meditate regularly, my witnessing consciousness expands and I am able to see more and more clearly that I am not my ego. I am not my limiting beliefs. This is the starting point for more conscious choice making. Since I make every choice from this place of ego, I set all the boundaries. No one else, nothing else determines how I perceive the world other than my own interpretation. Only I set the limits for what I can do, what I'm capable of and what I believe. This creates a magnificent opportunity to move beyond my limiting beliefs and into freedom.

I embrace my ego and appreciate how it empowers me to raise my level of consciousness and choose miracles.

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