Monday, August 2, 2010

Revealing Layers of Self

My decision to circulate and publicise my creative work, in an attempt to attract some income, is a timeous one! It's happening at the perfect time, I wasn't ready before. I can see the significance of this in the greater scheme of my healing journey. This development is a result of the healing work I am committed to, that I can find myself in a place where I am prepared to show the world this Sacred and precious side of who I am. I'm showing a secret part of me, it's a kind of opening, a blossoming, a revealing ~ this is just another layer of my Self being revealed. My creative projects are like my offspring ~ all beautiful, unique, important creations that somehow each have my touch, having been 'birthed' through me from the world of Spirit ~ magical, meaningful manifestations that I've nurtured into the world of form.

This process can be scary and I find myself in a vulnerable place, presenting and exposing myself in this way, in a new way. By sharing this work, I am open to criticism~ as I always have been throughout my career ~ but had found an effective way to repel the pain inflicted by creating a protective masculine layer. I grew a very thick, cynical, defensive skin armour that ultimately was a pretense and hid me and made me ill. Now I am prepared to show myself as a more balanced Being. To present work that ultimately defines me as a designer, even though I know that my work does not define me as a person, it is an aspect of my Being, a way I have found to express my creativity and intellect. This is an important step in my healing and my growth as a new Being. To share myself on this level right now, tenderly, with openness and willingness, what a gift.

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