Thursday, August 5, 2010

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

the bird calls. we rise
from mat and pad
and follow its path.
robes swish and sway.
a light wind runs along arms.
step in single file
circle the Buddha who sits
unmoving in the middle,
bird perched in a branch.
round the labyrinth
silent at centre.
we shape an outer ring.
hoop the zen garden
where bird lights on a rock.
wing and feather led, we
loop back to the hall
where we sink onto mats
still as the candle wick.

and all the while, between gongs,
we have sat here not moving
under rain on the roof.
yet we find Buddha.
labyrinth, zen garden
all inside us now
after the imagined
ankle flex, arm swing shuffle
follow of the bird.

A poem by Dr. Dorian Haarhoff
Writer ~ Poet ~ Mentor ~ Story-teller ~ Speaker

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of attending an inspirational writing workshop by Dr. Dorian Haarhoff about exploring my own life story. He believes in the power of stories to create new realities, to bring healing and to strengthen our belonging. How stories start a conversation with ourselves, how by listening to stories we can lay our story down beside them. We touched on the philosophy of stories, how beliefs can trap us, how stories can free us. We began to look at a story that reveals something about us, our own lives, autobiographical stories, self revelatory stories. An opportunity to ask the question: which story is the one asking to be told in me?

An enlightening new experience, I am deeply moved this morning in the aftermath of such a revealing, powerful and real experience. Thank you dear Karin G for this incredible gift.

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  1. This sounds interesting, you will need to tell me more when I see you