Friday, October 1, 2010

Look at a Flower

Since I can remember, I've always felt frustrated with the limitations and mythical, superstitious stories that form the foundation of Christianity. I always felt that there was more, that spirituality was bigger than what I was hearing and encouraged to believe. Now I know that I can trust my intuition, my spiritual awakening and inner journey has confirmed my suspicions and given me the profound gift I've always been searching for ~ a new perspective that resonates with me body and soul, answers that make sense to me.

I believe this: God is non-local Intelligence, unlimited potential, pure Being ~ unborn, infinite, undying, intangible, unchanging, unmoving, unmanifest, invisible, immeasurable and real. God is Universal Consciousness, the ground of Being from which all space/time, energy, information and the whole material world of form manifests. God is NOT a HE or SHE. He/she/it is only projection, a product of our conditioning. God cannot be squeezed into the volume of a body, the span of a lifetime or be limited by gender. God is the only reality, there is nothing other than God.

Look at a flower ~ it is rainbows and sunshine, wind and earth, air and the infinite void and the whole history of the Universe pretending to be a flower, for the time being. The flower IS God, encapsulating everything that there IS in this moment, as ARE we.

~ Inspired by a Seduction of Spirit meditation by Deepak Chopra

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