Sunday, October 17, 2010

Only Good

'Only good lies before me, always.' ~ Louise L. Hay

I am in crisis mode. I don't do too well in a crisis, I break down, I panic. I'm trying so hard today to feel okay and trust that everything will work out. It's hard to breathe in this uncertainty and with this worry. I give the outcome over to the Universe today and make sure I put my attention on the positives, the things in this situation for which I am grateful: my trusted old laptop, the miracle of a wireless internet connection that still works and the fact that I can continue with some work and my daily blog entries, having the foresight to at least have backed up my work a few days ago, my precious little kitty's furry hugs when I cry, someone knowledgeable who is willing to help diagnose the problem tomorrow and my dear friend, Mich, who sent me love and support from afar and on her advice, the healing balm of the breeze and the canopy of flowering bougainvillea this morning.

I have the power to fix this, I will get through it, everything will be okay. A computer is only a thing, laptops can be replaced, I will find a way through, I am looking for lessons. Only good lies before me, always.

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