Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Significance of Spring

'After a winter rest, the power of springtime surges through nature ~ through us.'

It is in our nature to grow, to begin anew. The newness and promise of spring grants us the confidence to surge forth with the power of springtime - to push ahead, give birth and grow. The energy of spring brings vision. Springtime is associated with the Wood element, which symbolises the balance between rigid strength and adaptable flexibility. If our Wood is healthy, we can bounce back from thwarted plans, readjust and begin again.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Wood element represents the liver and gall bladder. The liver functions as the grand architect for our vision of the future. Its companion, the gall bladder, gives us the ability to make decisions and judge wisely. Through our liver and gall bladder we can see both new possibilities and the wisdom of the past, and thus see a clear and appropriate course to take. Without Wood's vision and plan, decision and direction, no movement is possible ~ there is only frustration.

Suggestions for living in harmony with the spring season:

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