Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brave Leaps

'I choose to live my life the way that makes ME happy. I choose to be in touch with my own needs and desires, I release the need to please others and know that I have a right to all my feelings and emotions. I am free.' ~ Louise L. Hay

I don't ever need to apologise for my decisions, I own my decisions. As I choose and own my emotions. My needs and desires matter, my feelings are valid. I matter. I stand in my truth. I am strong enough to make all the changes I need to make, to bring order, peace, calm and resolution to my inner and outer chaos. I am listening to my intuition and flowing with Life. This morning, a daybreak meditation and the lighting of a candle to shed light on my Being and bring peace. I have made some small steps in a new direction. Today I am making leaps to resolve this situation. Brave leaps.

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