Thursday, November 18, 2010

Circle of Love

'The wisdom I seek is within me. When I meditate, I connect with the deep inner unchanging part of myself. Here I am energy. I am light. I am the answer already arrived. I am eternal Beingness being here now.'
~ Louise L. Hay

A beautiful experience yesterday evening, being welcomed into a meditation circle. I am ready. A safe, warm, candlelit space, the tinkling sound of a water fountain and Lisa's gentle lulling voice guiding me deep within. A profound encounter with others and with myself.

The famous tree meditation. I felt heat, I saw colours, I felt the sensation of magnetism and vibration at my third eye chakra. I saw in incredible detail, a lush, wild fern forest, smelled the wet earth, heard the bubbling stream and very clearly heard the words: 'We love you'. I brought my current financial situation and the people involved into the quartz crystal pyramid of gold, silver and pink light, into the sacred healing space of forgiveness and sensed a clearing up, a setting to rights, I felt a shift. My truth was revealed as: 'You are worth more than this'. A deeply reassuring feeling washing through every facet of my Being. So healing, so freeing.

At the end of the meditation, an angel card I selected read: Chantall ~ 'New romance is imminent. Be open to giving and receiving love'. THAT made me smile!

This circle of love helped me calm my current anxieties and reaffirmed my growth on this journey. Thank you, thank you!

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