Monday, November 29, 2010

Corsages and Compliments

Some deeply moving, amazing compliments from dear friends lately, so descriptive of my inner transformation on my journey of healing - that I can hear these compliments, that I can gracefully accept them, that I can agree.

'I am light and lovely. I am deep and rare and real. I am worthy of happiness and love. I am creative and beautiful. I am valuable.'

I am embracing all my complexities, my foibles, my shortcomings, the things I know, the things I'm still learning , the things I don't yet know. All of it, every cell, every emotion, every colour and shade, every facet, every detail of my Being. All of ME.

Thank you Luz and Karin G, for giving these gifts so freely. I wear them over my heart like a floral corsage. Your beautiful souls resonate with mine for eternity.

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