Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my precious Mom's birthday. A beautiful, bright, breezy, summery day full of sunshine in her honour.

A startling moment of synchronicity this morning when my dear friend Karin G, who reminds me so much of my Mom, physically and energetically, called me saying she had a deep calling to contact me today. A message of love and support from beyond, thank you.

Mom's birthday also coincides with an auspicious date in our global spiritual consciousness ~ the beginning of the next stage of Mayan consciousness shift, a polarity shift in consciousness which will support humanity in the co-creation of a new, balanced and more harmonious relationship between the masculine and feminine, which begins today ~ 3 November 2010. A special day indeed.

Thinking of you today, Mama, happy birthday! A yellow flower here for you, your favourite. You are always with me, I love you.

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