Thursday, November 25, 2010

On Purpose

'When you make the decision to become a Being of sharing, and practice keeping your thoughts harmonised with Spirit energy on a daily basis, your purpose will not only find you - it will chase after you wherever you go.' ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

It feels as though as soon as I committed to making a decision and unblocked myself, so many moments of pure synchronicity flowed to me yesterday. The Universe answering my call for guidance, chasing after me with confirmations, answers to prayers and gifts. Flowing WITH Life makes everything work. All is in sync.

This alignment with All That Is was further emphasised through a deeply moving and reassuring group meditation last evening where we explored our values and belief systems and how the limiting beliefs we have adopted at our core can stop us from progressing with affirmation work.

I went deeper that ever before, the feeling of falling, of being lightly touched on my left knee, prickly goose bumps on the crown of my head. I was on the cusp several times of something almost... almost revealing itself - something beautiful, angelic and so sweet, so pure, so peaceful. I want to go back there! Is that where I came from?

After our tree meditation and a chakra balancing tunnel, Lisa's guided meditation took us through cobbled streets at night, down a staircase, into an old, familiar, dank basement room, lit only with candles. A bit like 'down the rabbit-hole'. A table, chair and ancient tome ~ a book of Life, of many lives and a quill. We were to open the book and read our existing limiting beliefs, sit with those for a while. I read: 'Unworthy. Not worthy. Permission.' Then we were to tear the page out of the book, shred and burn it. We got to make a fresh start and rewrite our core beliefs, write new truths into our book, on a new page, spontaneous messages from Spirit revealing themselves. New beliefs. I wrote: 'You have magic in you. Grow. Child of mine.' Something my Mom used to say, perhaps a message from her, perhaps me reassuring my inner child, perhaps a deeply held desire to love a child of my own in this life or in past or future lives. Is this my purpose here? Universe, send me a sign.

The angel card I drew was: 'RETREAT ~ Take a mini-retreat. Listen to the voice of your Soul.' A call to take the time to renew my Being after all the immense changes that took place within and without this week
and to dwell in a space of gratitude for all this growth, all these gifts.

Yesterday's decisiveness, making it through waves of nauseating anxiety, having several synchronistic surprises culminating on the same day and this beautiful, enriching meditative experience last evening. This all feels very meant to be.
I am feeling more and more harmonised with Spirit energy and more on purpose. A wonderful feeling.

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