Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Language of Gratitude

'Remember that one who forgets the language of gratitude can never be on speaking terms with happiness.' ~ John Robbins

It's time to have a gratitude attack (as Mich says!) I've been moping around the last few days, feeling overwhelmed by work and life. Feeling very sorry for myself and frustrated at the effort it takes me these days to work effectively. It takes all my energy to stay sane during this process of balancing creative work and living life. To achieve SOME sort of balance, do well professionally AND look after myself while I'm doing it. I have to go on lock-down in order to force some creativity out of myself. No leaving the house, no errands, no gym, no phone calls, no e-mails, no chores - nothing except WORK. (Okay, some chores, who am I kidding?) Makes for a miserable, panicky, desperate mood. Oh, the misery! This pattern has to change.

I've been feeling like I need some grounding. A Tibetan sound therapy session I had last Friday afternoon revealed the same feedback - I must ground myself, I'm too scattered, too stressed, my focus too far in the future. (The work of deadlines!)

I need to give myself some space, take a breather, do some happy stuff... Get festive - go Christmas shopping, bake something, wrap gifts, listen to jazzy Christmas music. Not sweating away, not WORK! Then it struck me yesterday, mid-mild freak-out... this work is a gift, a Christmas gift to me. This work IS happy stuff. I have been asked for (and well paid for!) my creative expertise. This is a gift. I will pay all my bills for the next two months on this gift, usually an alarmingly quiet time of the year. Thank you client, for this last life-saving work opportunity of the year! Sprinklings of the language of gratitude go such a long way. Let me not forget for an instant how to speak it. I'm already happier today!

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