Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lift You Up and Guide You

'In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for the One Above did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell man that he showed Himself through the beasts, and that from them, and from the stars, the sun and the moon, man shall learn.'
~ Native American teaching.

Yesterday evening I had an amazingly deep group meditation experience that invited our Sacred
Shamanic companion animals to bring us messages of healing. Animal spirit guides are strange and wonderful Shamanic gifts. Our animal totem or power animal is an energy sent to us to offer us their strength, guidance and protection.

Once we were deeply relaxed and journeyed quite far into our guided meditation, we were led through a specific natural environment of our creation - for me a wind-swept mountain top with sun-baked red rocks and wild grasses, when we came upon a cave. Upon venturing inside the cavernous dark and damp, we come across a clearing deep within the cave with a carved wooden seat especially for us. We sit down. The cave becomes misty until we can't see in front of ourselves. A strange white mist swirls before us, then suddenly disappears to reveal our Sacred companion animal, in whatever form our sub-conscious mind gives this Being. I preempted a cat because I identify so closely and am obsessed with these perfect sentient Beings. Not a cat, but a striped fox appeared before me, very animated and detailed. I asked it why it had appeared to me. My fox said: 'Protection.' I asked it what energy it was bringing to my healing process. It said: 'Love energy to lift you up and guide you.'

Power animals are deeply symbolic and the significance of their appearance to us and our awareness of them at different times in our lives is unique to each of us.
Animal totem meanings help to explain the reason a particular companion animal has spoken to us. My fox represents patience - the ability to wait for the right moment to act. (Hello!) And cleverness. To change with subtlety. Discretion in all things. A fox power animal is of particular service to us when too much logical thought and reasoning has led to a sense of stagnation in life. (Hello again!) Or when there is a need for creative inspiration or magical transformation. I can benefit from the powers of observation of the fox and become more alert, heighten my sense of awareness, become more deeply involved in life and fully awake, all the while accessing my profound instinctive inner guidance.

I've always been intrigued and drawn to the concept of spiritual animal guides and am so grateful that I have had an opportunity to explore this aspect of my emerging spirituality. I would like to learn more.

My angel card I selected post-meditation was: 'FAITH ~ Have faith - faith grows when you act without knowing the end result.' So, so very key for me right now. Letting go of situations and expectations once some clear intention has been sent out to the Universe and some definitive action has been completed. Letting the Universe take care of the details. Having faith.

A beautiful and rewarding hour. Thank you to everyone for bringing their own magic to our Sacred healing energy circle.

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