Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Full Moon Meditation

Yesterday was the Southern hemisphere's summer solstice ~ December 21st. This year the solstice is accompanied by a full moon and lunar eclipse! This is a time when full moon meditations and the art of manifestation become more powerful vibrations in the Universe. The full moon stirs up our emotions bringing unresolved issues to the surface. It’s the perfect time to take note of what’s coming up and ask the Universe for guidance and resolution. The combined energy of the full moon, solstice and lunar eclipse bring about a powerful time of healing. We can set the stage for our next steps, clear our slates and clarify our intentions before moving forward. Now is the time to focus on creating loving relationships with myself and others. Forgiving myself and others. A time for focusing my energy on welcoming a loving relationship with a open heart and creating love, peace and joy in my life by asking the Universe to provide me with unconditional love, validation and support.

Last night I did something special to honour this day and myself ~ a late moon meditation outside in my garden to set my intentions for the new year, to express gratitude and turn any constrictions over to the Universe to resolve ~ followed by a nice, hot cup of Earl Grey tea, my cat frolicking in the dark nearby and a long conversation with the Moon Goddess.

Marking this day with a sacred, private ceremony of celebration and healing feels so right. This is a time for completion and for new beginnings. The next chapter of my healing journey. I am resolving my past and preparing myself for a beautiful future ~ magical, moonlit and whole!

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