Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be Here Now

I'm embracing the realities of where I am in my life. Even though I have intentions to make changes, I can celebrate where I'm at now.

This is my season for being alone. I have the deep desire in my heart to change this but I can choose to ENJOY being single. This is my season for living and working in the home I have created for myself. I'm working on renovating my patio space this month, enhancing my creative sanctuary a bit. I would like to move to another place but I can enjoy this one. I can choose to LOVE this space. I can feel more at home here, for the time being. Just be here now. This is my season for finding myself at yet another plateau in my weight loss journey. I can lose more weight, I can work my way down to my goal weight, 10 kilos away. But I can APPRECIATE my body as it is today. Live in my body in this moment and really feel it. Listen to it. Remember at all times to tap into my infinite well of inner wisdom and healing.

I don't need to cling to a deep dissatisfaction with areas of my life in order to manifest changes. I can be happy and still change. I embrace my life, as it is, right now. I am grateful for what it is and what I have, right now. I choose to accept reality and gently moving ahead. New seasons are coming.

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