Thursday, January 20, 2011

Garden of the Soul

'Each time we meditate, we have the opportunity to reach through all the layers of our conditioned lives, take our fingers and dip them into stillness, reach back and touch the silence that IS us, so we may live each moment with greater grace and greater ease.' ~ Davidji

'Cultivate the garden within.' ~ Proverb

I'm getting back into my weekly meditation class, starting yesterday evening with a circle of beautiful, feminine women ~ all female meditators this time. Lisa took us through our regular tree meditation and chakra healing meditation and then deeper into a real or imagined 'safe place' in nature. I found myself under a very tall old tree, with a canopy of green leaves full of bird life above and sweet-smelling wild grass below. We then looked towards the horizon where a shimmering pink light beckoned us to cross into another world. Walking through this warm, angelic light, I entered a secret garden.

A lush, well-established Victorian garden ~ ivy-covered old stone walls, a decorative wrought-iron gate, an old fountain green with lichen, thick rose bushes bursting with all colours of large open roses, birds, bees, butterflies and dragonflies. Classical, beautiful. My own garden of the mind, garden of the soul. We were guided to look carefully at the detail in our gardens, examine where there may be areas that need weeding or pruning. I found a patch of weeds I felt needed to be removed. I surprised myself at my quick decisiveness when weeding this patch. To me, this mirrors my recent purge of my belongings and spring cleaning of my home. It is also a reflection of my current willingness to take decisive action in many aspects of my life. A time for putting plans into action and DOING! While we were clearing away our weeds and making space for new growth, Lisa encouraged us to ask what we were letting go of. I heard a voice say: 'Let go of your grief. Let it go. Let go of your feelings of unworthiness. All is well.' A large bright pink rose revealed itself through the diminishing weeds. Vibrant and feminine, with space to bloom and grow and flourish.

I had some discomfort in my body throughout the meditation, pain even. A sensation of a warm hand pressing down on my left shoulder, so warm, it almost burned. A pulse in my left foot, my feminine side communicating to me, being activated, crying out. The unusual headache I had yesterday increased quite considerably in intensity after our meditation. Lisa assured me it is my body expressing my healing, discharging negative energy and emotions. I have been working on trying to manage an unusually high level of stress lately and can feel this stress in my body, so getting back to my regular mediation healing circle will help!

The angel card I selected after meditation read: 'ACHIEVEMENT' ~ Chase your dreams; you may be surprised by where they lead you.' The card illustration shows a little girl in Victorian dress chasing butterflies in a garden with a butterfly net. She is running from under a tall old tree, a canopy of green above... goosebumps!

I had thought to bring my anxiety about my recent discovery of some changes in my breast tissue due to my hormone fluctuations, which were revealed to me at my annual mammogram last week, to this meditation class. To look within for the reassurance I seek about my uncharted healing path and to possibly share my concerns with my fellow meditators, with a view to exploring their opinions on alternative therapies. I did share this with these wonderful women. My experience goes deeper though. I believe I received a message of reassurance and love from beyond by selecting this angel card. My Mom speaks to me in peculiar ways. Whenever I see a butterfly hovering nearby, I know it's her visiting me. I KNOW my precious Mom was telling me not to worry about my breast health, to take these physical changes in stride, celebrate the fact that I am healthy! That my dream of achieving balance and holistic healing on all levels of my Being IS being realised... chasing butterflies, chasing dreams.

The word 'achievement' is so significant to me at this moment. I'm working hard at stepping into my own personal power. I'm achieving many small short term goals, turning dreams into plans and acting on those plans. I am making things happen. I had also weighed myself yesterday and had lost another kilogram. Achievement! So many achievements, just look at how far I've come.

What an amazing evening ~ learning how to cultivate our soul gardens, how to embrace ways of living that honour our fullness and our Goddesshood. Thank you, Lisa G, Callie and Lisa L for yesterday, for such a happy, healing circle of light, where I feel so welcomed and where it's safe to share my deepest Self.

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