Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heaven's Guidance

'Our angel guides awaken us to our clear connection with the Divine and lead us upon the path of our life's purpose.' ~ Doreen Virtue

'How do we go about receiving help from our angels? The angels have a purpose to enact God’s will, which is peace on Earth, one person at a time. These Beings know that if each of us is peaceful, then we’ll have a world of peaceful people. So, really, your life’s purpose is to be at peace and the angels want to help you with this. While it’s true that challenges do help us grow, the angels also say that serenity leads to even bigger growth. Through tranquility, our schedules and creativity are more open to giving service, and our bodies operate at a healthier frequency. Our relationships thrive and blossom, and we’re shining examples of God’s love.

Sometimes people say: 'Well, God already knows what I need, so I won’t ask for anything.' However, we were created with free will. This means that God and the angels can’t intervene into our lives without our permission. In other words, we must ask for their help before they can assist us. It doesn’t matter how you ask, but only that you do. You can say your request aloud, silently or in writing. You can sing, whisper, type or even scream your request for Heaven’s guidance. You can word it in positive, affirmative ways or as an appeal of supplication. Any form of asking for assistance is enough to give God and the angels permission to intervene.

I also hear people say: 'I don’t want to bother Heaven with my small tasks.' To celestial Beings, nothing is too small or too large. They simply want to help us with whatever brings us peace, and many times it’s small favours that result in long-lasting peacefulness. The angels say that it’s also the small stresses in life that erode peace. So ask for help, as your contribution to world peace!'

Excerpt from 'The Angel Therapy Handbook' by Doreen Virtue

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