Saturday, January 15, 2011

Red Rose Petals

Today I have a deep ache in my abdomen, I wear a belt of physical pain. I feel quite unwell ~ weak and sad, in need of some nurturing. At the same time, I am so, so happy to see the arrival of my menstrual gift at this perfect time. Exactly 28 days. My cycles are correcting themselves naturally and spontaneously. I am so grateful for that. I celebrate this ache! I am able to make space to hold both emotions within me simultaneously, I have the capacity now to do this juggling act. I can be in pain, feel sadness and still feel elation about this personal victory.

I burn incense today in honour of my beautiful, healing body and my restored fertility. To experience this epitome of feminine power, the vibrancy of my own, personal red statement. Of being all WOMAN. It's amazing. I am blooming silently, growing, healing. This process is so beautiful, so natural, so delicate and so deeply personal. Like invisible red rose petals scattered lightly around me, trailing behind, everywhere I go.

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