Saturday, January 29, 2011

Truly Heal

'Meditation is the basis for all inner work. We might struggle conscientiously to change our limiting qualities, we might saturate ourselves with instructions and help... Yet in the end, it is the direct, naked encounter with our own Awareness that shifts our understanding of who we are and gives us the power to stand firmly in the centre of our Being.' ~ Sally Kempton

I'm doing the Chopra Centre's Winter 21-day Meditation Challenge and have set my intentions for this experience as 'may I bring peace to my grieving process'. As I embark on a new path of this journey ~ working with my new healing resource, Lisa ~ I feel that I am at last ready to face the depths of my grief and heal my heart, working to re-balance my Being through body work at a cellular level and work on my Spirit and emotional body through meditation and intensive crossover work.
Powerful and deeply moving! Every step I've taken and all my preparation on this journey has brought me here. I'm allowing myself to open to this process, letting the pain flow to the surface and discharge. Be fragile, be vulnerable, feel everything. A massive inner shift has begun!

I will use the valuable opportunity of the 21-day Meditation Challenge to carry me through this unsettling time of intensive healing, to be a safe haven for me, to find stillness, to check in everyday with my most essential Self. Let it ease this overwhelming feeling of being broken open, newly ripped, a bursting dam of emotion and absolute sheer exhaustion today. Let it be a cooling balm for this bright red rawness, like taking a refreshing daily dip in a deep, fresh pool of water. Let me find balance. Let me truly, truly heal.

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