Saturday, February 12, 2011

Face the Abyss

'It is not menstrual blood which disturbs the imagination ~ unstaunchable as that red flood may be ~ but rather the albumen in the blood, the uterine shreds, placental jellyfish of the female sea. This is the chthonian matrix from which we rose. We have an evolutionary revulsion to slime, our site of biological origins. Each month, it is a woman's fate and privilege to face the abyss of time and Being, the abyss which is herself.' ~ Camille Paglia

Today I feel privileged to experience this red flood. I am so happy to see it arrive at the perfect time. My magical cycle! I rejoice in my womanhood, my Goddesshood, my healing. I face the abyss of time and Being and feel connected to everything. I am humbled.

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