Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heart Song

I had another wonderful, moving meditation evening with Lisa on Wednesday this week. We did a co-creation manifestation meditation, confirming our connection to God/Goddess/All That Is and a meeting of my Highest Self, conjuring what this Being looks and feels like, touching this essential part of ourselves. We explored how we can live through this intrinsic part of us and let our Highest Good lead our lives. It was an amazing opportunity to meditate on how I see my life through the eyes of my Highest Self, the God/Goddess within, what I desire my life to look and feel like. To take the time to ask my most essential Self: What do I really want? To look deep within, be still and see what emerges, what images, what emotions, what sensations ~ what messages I receive about where I'm going and where else I COULD go. All the possibilities! It was a waking dream of Life, like reading a love letter my soul is writing to me, like hearing my own heart song. A beautiful and meaningful glimpse at my deepest desires ~ pictures and feelings of the life I am discovering I want for myself, how this journey is revealing what I would like to manifest in my life.

The meditation starts with an imagined safe place, a sacred clearing in a lush forest, a circle of smooth river stones, the centre of the circle beckoning for us to step in. A warm, green light beaming down into the sacred circle from the trees overhead, the colour of the heart chakra. I feel that this is a safe, peaceful place of love and harmony. Once I step inside, mist forms and starts to swirl in a light breeze, gaining momentum until it suddenly clears, revealing the Being of my Highest Self before me. I saw a tall, large Being ~ a powerful, semi-opaque, angelic presence, I felt wings and white feathers, felt rather than saw them. The Being was beautiful, it had light-filled gossamer skin, flowing garments, golden, like fairy wings. Lisa asked us to maintain eye contact, I didn't do this, I closed my eyes, for me it was more feeling than seeing. The Being and I touched foreheads, a merging of energy. I felt myself filled with peaceful, loving, nurturing, mothering energy. Lisa then asked that we merge with our Highest Selves and see our lives through their (our) eyes. I turned and wrapped the Being around my back and shoulders, in a cosmic full-body hug, until I was totally merged within the golden light. My Highest Self showed me my deepest desires, an abundant flow of images, aspects of myself that have been dormant, lying deep in my heart, I saw what I would like to manifest.

Beautiful, brief vignettes of such beauty ~ I saw a warmly lit kitchen, abundant, fresh food ~ apples, berries, something baking. A rosy-cheeked little girl playing in autumn leaves outside the door. A koi fish pond, wooden decking, a serene garden where I am working on a laptop, birdsong, bees buzzing, the fragrance of flowers surround me and I am smiling. I saw myself leaning on the shoulder of a strong, kind man, he is wearing a wool jumper, I feel safe and snug, happy. I was walking by the sea. I saw windows with golden sunlight streaming in. And most of all strong feelings of peaceful satisfaction, milky, sweet, real, toasty, cosy, warm feeling of love and home. Abundance, love and peace. So hopeful.

The angel card I selected read: 'Isaiah ~ It's a good time to give birth to new ideas and situations in your life. I am watching over you, guiding you and protecting you during these changes.'

A message of Divine protection and a profound experience to be introduced to my Highest Self, see and feel my God/Goddess within, touch All That Is and be shown these authentic, heart-warming snippets of a fulfilled life. A waking dream of Life, my very own heart song I didn't even know existed deep within.

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