Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moving Mountains

'One who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.'
~ William Faulkner

Another amazing and surprising meditation evening on Wednesday this week! The theme was letting go of aspects of ourselves that no longer serve our Highest Good. A tender pruning process, removing the parts of our psyche that have become redundant, like old branches of a tree ~ gentle yet profound.

This is my seventh group meditation (only seven!) and I am amazed at how this simple process has enriched my life and deepened my spiritual practice. I am awakening my Being and growing on all levels! Journeying through guided meditations where deeply personal and symbolic imagery is conjured up by an open mind and receptive soul can be so rewarding. The mind is fertile ground! My meditation practice has opened my heart to profound Truth! I am more in tune with my Being. Taking the time to find stillness and look within is a gift I give myself. I am finding resolution, answers and reassurance. I am tapping into my inner wisdom, touching my Source, accessing my Deepest Self. Meditation helps me to stay on the healing path. I am more focused, decisive, lighter, happier, less attached, more relaxed. I am opening my inner senses...

This meditation starts with our imagined safe place in nature. This time I wanted to preempt a waterfall (as a few fellow meditators did conjure up!) but instead I simply surrendered to what would appear to me and found myself falling through a hole into a deep cave (like Alice down the rabbit hole!) I land inside a magical amethyst crystal cave, a thin space between high walls made of purple precious stone, with amethyst stalactites and stalagmites reflecting healing light in every direction, a sliver of sky above. The floor of the cave is covered in shards of amethyst crystals. Sparkling quartz crystals surround me. I reach out and touch either wall of the cave, my feet completing a triangle of vibrating purple energy ~ I become a powerful conductor of healing violet light. There is a warm, energy vibration pulsating through my Being. To me, this imagery and symbolic colour signifies my spiritual progress, the change in my level of consciousness and my increasing intuition and contact with Pure Awareness. Purple is the colour of the seventh chakra ~ (seventh meditation ~ seventh chakra!) ~ the crown chakra ~ Sahasrara ~ the chakra of Oneness with God, wisdom and peace. Known as the supreme centre of contact with All That Is, the crown chakra is our connection to the timeless place of All-Knowing. When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection and bliss. I feel that I am developing this chakra, this aspect of my Being. The amethyst crystal is symbolic of spiritual wisdom, protection and healing. It all fits!

Lisa beckons us to notice of a shimmering gold and silver light ahead, the doorway into another time and space. I walk forward into the darkness of the cave, the sparkle of the crystals dimming until I find myself in a spacious and minimal African-Zen garden, bathed in bright sunlight with a wide expanse of blue sky above. There are wooden decks, different coloured gravels, stones, giant natural granite rock sculptures and tufts of indigenous grasses, all laid out with precision and restraint. It is a peaceful place ~ clean, ordered and calming. It reminds me that there is unspeakable beauty in simplicity. This garden is significant to me as it symbolises my appreciation of a simpler life. It is a representation of the peace I am finding in my grieving process and the space I am making to hold my emotions with more capacity, self-awareness, understanding and forgiveness. It feels wide open and freeing.

Lisa asks that we examine our garden carefully for signs of decay or for areas that need improvement. I feel that I would like to remove some stones that somehow seem out of place. I start by picking up a few off-colour small stones, then some stray pebbles and toss them off the pristine gravel. I notice a heavy granite boulder that looks too cumbersome for the space. I would like to make more space here. This heavy granite boulder is the seemingly immovable rock of FEAR. It has been here a long time. It represents my fear of a lack of financial security and how I have struggled with feeling worthy of prosperity. I push this monolith, finding the inner strength to roll it off the gravel of my Zen garden. It is very heavy, it is challenging but can be done. What was immovable becomes movable, just like the healing of my health and my heart, this is progress. I feel that I am accomplishing great changes here. I am moving mountains. I hear words spoken clearly: 'YOU WILL BE PROVIDED FOR.' Removing the rock has created a clearing, an empty crater in the gravel garden space. I decide to fill it with water, to make a pond. This is cleansing. Birds gather, then dragonflies flit above the pond. I notice all forms of life descending into my garden around my new pond ~ there are fish swimming in the water, bees buzzing around, butterflies flapping their wings, hovering. There are a few squirrels and cats approaching. These sentient Beings form a circle around me, we co-exist peacefully and harmoniously. I feel that I am the giver of Life. I am creating a harmonious environment, improving it. I can see that this is symbolic of me creating a new stage of life for myself, moving into a new phase of abundant healing and living. My life is more harmonious and reflects love back to me as I open my heart. This moment is beautiful and meaningful.

Lisa asks that we notice a tree in our garden. Mine is a perfectly central tree, the focal point of the symmetrical, minimal garden layout. I see an immense African baobab tree, with a wide, sturdy trunk and branches that look like roots reaching up to heaven. It has such presence, it is majestic with organic clean lines. This tree is me. This is our opportunity to examine ourselves in the form of a tree, to remove old branches that have become redundant and no longer serve us. I do remove a branch that is dying. This dead wood represents my need to cling to the illusion of control. I desire to be free of this need, to let go and trust Life. We get to ask ourselves how often we acknowledge our own strength, beauty and resilience? We get to see ourselves in all our tree glory! I know this tree! I wrap my arms around my trunk and place my cheek against my bark, it is like elephant hide, ancient and thick. I am wise, strong and powerful, I am so entrenched ~ I am a forever tree. I am grounded, with a well-established root system. I am serene. My tree is African. African folklore reminds us that the baobab is the abode of powerful spirits, serving as a natural shrine. I am humbled to be in the presence of my eternal tree of Life. I feel surprised at the size, strength, permanence and power of my tree. It makes me happy. I feel strong, I feel my own power. A cacophony of birdsong draws my attention to the upper reaches of my tree branches ~ they are filled with birds chirping, singing and flitting around my branches. Vibrant and alive!

We chose two angel cards after the meditation. I selected: 'PEACE ~ Embrace your confusion ~ let there be peace in not knowing all the answers.' Ah, peace. Another reference to peace, the first being the strong reference to the crown chakra. I can interpret this as learning to just allow Life to unfold peacefully, relinquishing the anguish of trying to control everything. I also selected: 'ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL ~ I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer, like me.' I am definitely fully involved in some significant physical healing of my body at this moment but there is deeper meaning here... This is the second time I received a message from Raphael this week, the first being earlier in the week when I heard an angel reading on Hay House Radio which inspired me to look up the significance of Archangel Raphael, who's name means 'God heals'. Am I a healer to others? I have had two situations which have transpired in my life recently where I have taken the opportunity to offer my support and love to two people who are facing deeply painful and confusing challenges on their healing journeys. I can be an angel to them as they have been to me, I can offer them healing energy in return. A gift freely given as received.

An awe-inspiring meditation experience with vivid imagery that sprung from an authentic wellspring of deep KNOWING. I am going deeper still! I am starting to see clear messages and symbols that are so inspiring and meaningful to me. Thank you, thank you.

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