Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tat Tvam Asi

'One of the most powerful teachings is a set of ancient Sanskrit sutras or master sayings called the Mahavakyas. One of these master sayings is 'TAT TVAM ASI' (pronounced taht t’vahm AH-see) meaning 'I AM THAT'.

It is the principle that we are each an extricable part of a Universal energy field and that everything we see is an expression of ourselves. We are everything around us: the light, the dark; the happy, the sad; the weak, the powerful. We are Divinely whole, so in every moment we carry all the parts of that whole. The parts we don’t resonate with or the parts we reject are known as our shadow side, our dark side. Rather than reject these aspects of our self, we have the opportunity to accept them, embrace them and better understand them.

In today’s meditation, we will take a TAT TVAM ASI journey into nature as we trek into a beautiful secret forest. In each moment we are reminded: TAT TVAM ASI... I am that. I am all aspects of the world ~ the ocean rolling below, the streaming ribbon of highway, birds and helicopters, sound and silence, activity and stillness.

When you complete your meditation and go about your day, whenever you are about to judge something, anything, remind yourself ~ I AM THAT. The energy you were placing on judgment can be re-directed to more creative expressions of who you are.

I am that, you are that, and we all are ultimately that. Namaste.'

Excerpt from the Chopra Centre's 21 Day Meditation Challenge ~ Day 8

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