Monday, March 21, 2011


'Compassion is something we must show ourselves first.'
~ Joanne Fedler

'The power of compassion is seeing ourselves as Source sees us. Compassion is a God quality and when we tap into it, we have access to a very high energy field of healing and well-being. We get to intimately experience Source’s unconditional love for us. We discover what it is like to be loved totally, in every cell of our Being, exactly as we are.

Self-compassion means to fully BE with yourself in a deeply aware and non-judging way as a loyal and trustworthy friend. It is a willingness to be with yourself as a loving companion to your own pain. No one in the world knows your feelings and hurts as well as you do. You know all the intricacies and tendrils of them, firsthand and up close. Because of this you are the one most qualified to bring love to this part of yourself.'

~ Excerpt from Self-Compassion Opens the Door to Self-Healing on Well-being

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