Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Feet Tell All

'Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.' ~ Rumi

I had my first reflexology treatment with my sweet sister today! Organic aromatherapy candles, soft music, crystal-infused Africology essential oil vapour, rose quartz crystals in each hand, fragrant Africology rose body balm applied to my feet and my highly intuitive, knowledgeable and nurturing healer of a sister. Aaaah!

I'm adding reflexology into my healing mix because it's a modality that transcends the physical and integrates mind/body healing, Chinese medicine and energy work ~ healing on every level. We work through the sacred geometry of the feet on the essential organs and body systems, energy flow and address mental, emotional and spiritual blockages, with an emphasis on balancing the yin/yang masculine and feminine energies. I am bringing the conditions of endometriosis and polycystic ovaries to this modality but its influence is far-reaching. The feet tell all! I am blocked, blocked, blocked! I am stuck, I am closed and inflexible, tight. It may be that the first reflexology session is slower and with ongoing treatment, more and more layers will fall away, so deeper work can begin. It may be that I'm not truly ready to open up completely to my sister as a healer and my body was protecting me, echoing this unconsciously. This is a new chapter, bringing my healing home. Can I learn to be vulnerable? Can I learn to trust, to flow? Where do these inner barriers come from? What do I fear?

My sister read some truths in my feet... My energy is very congested, there is no flow. I am swollen, retaining water, I'm struggling a bit with my eating, the sugar I am eating is bloating me. I have an issue right now trusting my financial independence, I am fearful of losing financial security. I hold onto money, this fear is in the spine of my lower back and has spread to my colon. I hold on and hold in. My lower middle and upper back and shoulders are an issue, again ~ security and grounding. This is more pronounced on my left side, my feminine, oh, the pain! My uterus feels spongy (a positive thing!) My ovaries feels 'crunchy'. There is congestion in my sinuses and my right ear (sugar/dairy!) All my supporting joints are tight ~ knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, this is inflexibility and feeling stuck. I am grasping and clutching my masculine energy, my right foot is communicating huge insecurities, I don't want to let go of my old ways. I must flow, trust. I must breathe deeply and do squats! She saw a vision of me swirling around in a pretty dress. I must buy a vintage floral chiffon dress with ruffles and lacy, feminine underwear. I must wear these, experience my beauty and feel my feminine power!

I selected an angel card after the session, mine was: 'Angelic Guidance' ~ 'If you want to tell anything to God, tell it to the wind. Listen to your inner Being. Only in the stillness of the depths of your Soul can you know God. Find the small voice within. Everything you experience is remembered, every answer is found within. Only in the silence can the answers be heard. If you talk to to your angels, the messages are carried directly to God. Voice your prayers out loud to the Universe, choose your words carefully, open your heart... the angels are there.' So... continue to talk to my angels, listen to my BEING, engage my inner wisdom, find stillness, affirm, open my heart and trust.

I am feeling very tired now, quite relaxed. I'm loving the wafts of gorgeous rose fragrance from my skin all day! The rose is a powerful symbol of feminine power, so apt! Roses balance our feminine aspect and restore serenity, they are a potent treatment for hormonal, menopausal and sexual difficulties (hello!), it is also a mild anti-depressant and balances the emotions. I feel that I have opened Pandora's box today with this treatment and am looking forward to going deeper and breaking down these barriers, these inner shields. The possibilities for healing are endless and I see this as a unique opportunity to marry my intentions for healing with the healing of my relationship with my sister, a way to be close that we haven't yet experienced ~ a beautiful synchronicity. Thank you, my sister!

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