Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Places to Come Back To

'Traveller, there are no paths. Paths are made by walking.'
~ Aboriginal Saying

'An eating meditation, or spiritual principles, for losing weight, leaving home or letting go...

I like principles. They re-tune the mind in the way we might reset a watch that has been set for another time and place. They are places to come back to. As we each follow our path of choice, the Kabbalah tells us that there is also a personal path, called 'Nativ', which must be forged by each of us individually, day by day, in each moment we make sacred by our Awareness. Here are some principles I have learned in the course of my journey, reminding me that how I do ANYTHING is how I do EVERYTHING:

1. When hungry, eat: Let your needs guide you.
2. Always ask: Make no assumptions. Come with a beginner's mind. Be open to what is uncertain.
3. Make healthier choices: There are consequences to what and how we choose.
4. Thank the food: Everything we have is a result of some sacrifice someone or something has made. We can practice gratitude for whatever is in front of us.
5. There is always enough: Have faith that everything you need in this moment is being provided. Trust that there will be more when you need it.
6. Savour the taste: Taste, like the breath, happens in the present moment. Celebrate every mouthful with the question: How is it for me?
7. Slow down: The spaces between mouthfuls, the hunger between meals, grows our awareness to our true nature.
8. Digest: The body knows what to do. Trust it. Give it time.
9. Flush and wash: Let go of what you don't need to hold onto anymore.
10. Begin again: Come back, return, re-commit.'

From 'When Hungry, Eat' by Joanne Fedler

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