Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moon Time: Reclaiming our Femininity

Circle in Her Name

'I am That,
That which births
Everything Whole.

I am Creation.
Mothering womb of time.
Listen clearly,
I am coming.

So wake me from my slumber,
Goddess circle
of Divine Feminine.
For I am here.

You, circle of seeded women.
The moon calls your tides
and invokes your sacred cycles.
Return to my side and be in your gentle power.

I am the Lady,
Earth mother.
In me surrender
To your wholeness
And your Divine perfection.

I am That.
That which is Everything.'

As I celebrated my magnificent menstrual gift this last weekend, I pondered the return of my menstrual cycle and what it means to me to return to the Feminine. Each month I feel connected to the Earth and to all of womanhood as I join my sisters, paying homage to the Moon Goddess and with reverence practice the ancient rituals of honouring this sacred process. I stand in my feminine power. At last.

'I offer this text to speak of the privilege we have as women to have the ability to bleed. We have a womb! A womb that contains awesome physical and emotional power, that can create, cultivate and sustain life. We have a menstrual cycle, blessed by the cycle of the Moon Goddess, every 28 days. In ancient times, women took their Moon Time to rest, meditate, release the unwanted and honour their bodies, while celebrating womanhood. It was a time of honouring the female creative force. Women and men both understood the importance of allotting this time of sacred space for women, as they were the carriers of future generations. Since we experience blood flow as a result of no impregnation, symbolically, the blood was an offering back into Mother Earth to be recycled and renewed for the next coming cycle. Because there were no outside influences, like electrical lighting, contraceptive pills or processed hormone-filled food, the menstruation cycles of women within a tribe would correspond together with the dark side of the moon.

There is urgency now for women to join together and reclaim our Femininity, to gather together in acknowledgment of our creative force. The Earth is indeed Feminine! We have the ability to heal the balance of Feminine energy on Earth. We can do so by honouring our bodies with rest and good food and allowing our menstruation to come with ease and respect. We can join other women in circles of support and encouragement as we march along this once forgotten path. The power is within our wombs to manifest a new reality for humankind. It is not about competing with men or fitting in to be equal where they sit. Instead we can carve a new Goddess seat for women and create unity, a community of power and shared communication that invokes and honours our Goddess-likeness to create and birth our dreams, our children, our futures and the health of the Great Earth Mother. I challenge with love every woman to look within the power of their belly and creative life force and spark joy, pride and gratitude for their unique ability to be in the cycle of the moon and to impact the Earth.'

Excerpt from an article by Lady Sammy ~ Owner of The Rock Store, Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Reiki Teacher, Crystal Therapist and Ritual Coordinator

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