Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Balance is Key

'Cardiac coherence is the balance between the sympathetic (accelerator) versus parasympathetic (brake) autonomic nervous system. When we always have our foot on the accelerator, we're in 'fight or flight' without enough 'rest and restore.' Hormonal imbalance - plus sugar cravings - are the result. The solution: Find things to appreciate and laugh about! Simple. Not easy.' ~ Dr. Christaine Northrup

If I over-commit with work and obligations, I find that I lean towards overwhelm, where my masculine energy dominates to see me through a stressful time. This causes a mind/body/energy imbalance (the route of my hormonal issues!) and the result is that I feel really ill... depleted and overwhelmed, with symptoms such as headaches, flushed cheeks, anxiety and depression, abdominal pain and insomnia. Balance is key ~ if my body, mind and soul start to suffer, I have to ask myself: what is it all really worth? These are stresses and strains of my own creation. Now I make sure I have enough quiet solitude to give myself healing time, where my feminine energy has space to nurture and recharge me. A startling truth I have discovered is that for me, self-nurturance work is just as important as the work that produces income, if not more.

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