Friday, April 22, 2011

Find Meaning

'Re-frame your experiences to reflect your truth.
Listen carefully to your own intuitive knowledge.
Many things society regards as negative,
are not so.
Menopause is an initiation,
not a tragedy or a death.
Fear can be a wake-up call
to courage and alertness.

All suffering and difficulties
can be profound learning experiences and rites of passage.
Wide hips are birthing chambers.
Grey hairs are signs of maturity.
Walking tall honours yourself,
and your ancestors and your place in life.

We are free to find the meaning we choose
and this will change through time.
Changing your mind is
a sign of intelligence
not inconstancy!
Finding a positive interpretation
gives strength and power
and a sunny disposition.'

Excerpt from 'Eve-olution ~ Enriching Feminine Consciousness and Body Awareness' by Marguerite van der Merwe

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