Monday, April 25, 2011

My Year ~ My Gift

'I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.' ~ Author Unknown

Today I celebrate 365 daily posts. This has been MY year! Writing this blog has become a daily meditation, a journey in itself, a commitment to myself, a way to connect with my own Soul. Here I am able to bring focus to my healing goals and build a daily practice, breath by breath, thought by thought. This is a place where I can create something just for me. It is a personal, Sacred expression of my deepest Self, where each discovery, each heartbreak, each revelation of this spiritual awakening can be recorded ~ and savoured. I can review each step of this process, my precious and unique journey of Life, my return to wholeness on all levels. This is a place where I can keep beautiful images and thoughts that inspire me, where I can keep beautiful things and allow those things to become reflections of my own newly-recognised inner and outer beauty. This process has been a gift I've given myself.

From this day I have decided to approach my healing blog a little differently. Now is the time to adopt a more organic approach. Intuitively, I recognise that going forward I no longer need to complete daily posts but rather flow with a more fluid, lighter energy and only write when I feel like writing, when there are moments of meaning and significance that call to be recorded and shared. I will open my inner senses and follow my intuition.

I end this year at the sea ~ a special time for unwinding, letting the stresses of life melt away, a time spent with good friends, a peaceful time for meditation and soul-searching, a time to reflect on the next chapters of my ever-changing journey.

Love and light to all who have followed my posts for the past year, to those who have just stumbled upon my blog and connected with a single post and to all my future fellow travelers. I am so grateful to share my journey with you. I wish you peace. Namaste.

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