Friday, April 1, 2011

The Stage of Life

I received a crystal clear message in last week's meditation group. This 'nudge' from my angels gave me direction and the courage to act this week. Meditation allows me to hear what the Universe is trying to tell me. This is a true gift. I've been struggling with excruciating physical pain for about three weeks, having had no alternative but to adjust the homeopathic medications I've been on for 22 months, due to issues with it's availability. A situation out of my control! I decided to bring my physical healing to my meditation, to put my insecurities and doubts aside and reconnect with my inner wisdom, to find reassurance. To just be open to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts that can take place in our powerful energy circle.

The focus of this meditation was on a powerful manifestation technique used for creating our realities of choice! We imagined ourselves on a stage ~ the stage of Life ~ where we could witness our lives unfolding, concentrating on how it feels to live the lives we truly desire, see ourselves transformed, being all we can be. We get to step onto our stage and experience our manifested lives NOW, in this way inviting them in.

My safe place in nature was a grassy meadow, bathed in morning light, with tiny yellow wild flowers and jersey cows grazing lazily nearby. I shimmering pink light on the horizon calls my attention and I follow it into another time and space, an enchanted forest and a clearing where a wind whips around me and mist forms to reveal my Highest Self. I've done this guided meditation before and have experienced very strong imagery. This time, I didn't. I FELT my Highest Self, could sense the purest part of me. A beautiful heart chakra green healing light encircled us, making us ONE. A strong feeling of belonging and love. Safe and sacred. I am closely accompanied by my Highest Self as I go deeper into this meditation. We come upon a stage in the forest. I see myself on my stage of Life, in perfect balance ~ my hormones are balanced, my energies are balanced. I am safe and secure. I am vibrantly healthy, glowing. I am happy. I am a fertile, strong yet gentle, feminine, loving woman. I am beautiful. I step onto my stage and I see myself bountifully pregnant, a choice in life I am not yet consciously ready to make. I got the strong sense of being there and here simultaneously: I am healing and I am healed. I heard the words: 'You don't have to worry about anything.'

Physically this meditation was challenging for me, I felt restless and didn't go as deep as I had previously. The group was also filled with new energies. It was a startlingly illuminating experience in other ways though. The sheer openness and honesty of being vulnerable and bringing my insecurities and physical pain to the group is very new to me. I am not too proud (anymore) to look for help and support. I am recognising that my meditation practice is a doorway to deeper knowing and profound healing. A massive headache came upon me from nowhere, a sign from my body that some deep shift had taken place.

We selected two angel cards, I selected two magnificently linked ones: 'HATHOR' ~ Receptivity: Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy and ability to give to others' and 'HELP' ~ Ask for help: Receiving is an act of generosity.' The same message, two ways!

As I navigate this bump in the road, let me be open to receiving help, advice and love from the many angels (earthly and heavenly) that surround me. I did contact my homeopath to give her a report on my condition since changing the medications at the beginning of March. I also followed my intuition this week and approached a homeopathic pharmacist, who was able to assist me by working out a formula and mixing a remedy using homeopathic tinctures, matching my previous medication's ingredients. I have started this therapy and feel hopeful, I am getting back on track. I KNOW that this was a message from above for me to not be afraid, to reach out and use the resources offered to me on this healing journey. Help is always available to me, I just need to be willing to receive it with gratitude and love, I am working on that. I have learned that I can't possibly give in a healthy, sustainable manner unless I am also a gracious and skilled receiver. Thank you, angels!

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