Monday, April 11, 2011

Suffering as Message

'See Life's inevitable discomforts, dissatisfactions,
stresses, sufferings,
not as 'failures'
but as messages ~
wake up calls ~ revelations ~ symbols ~ metaphors ~ soul-talk.
Serendipitous opportunities
communicating with you.

Be alive and open
to impulses and responses.
To dreams, events, symptoms,
thoughts, feelings, sensations.
Let understanding and intuition arise
instead of trying reactively to change
or fix things.

Listening means opening,
receiving, respecting,
dialoguing with yourself.
Open to nuance, the Unknown,
the possibility of freshness, newness, change.'

Excerpt from 'Eve-olution ~ Enriching Feminine Consciousness and Body Awareness' by Marguerite van der Merwe

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