Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Are One

'We are on a journey of becoming that which we already are.' ~ Leonard Jacobson

This week's meditation group was a wonderfully reassuring experience ~ as always. I felt the need to attend the group after taking a two week break from it. Lately I've been feeling very stressed and overwhelmed, struggling to maintain the fragile healing/living equilibrium. I have been making a bit more space for work and sorting things, without enough time and energy for healing. I've been caught up in a whirlwind of fear and self-doubt, finding it difficult to trust. To trust Life (and trust people!) Somehow I'm still finding the will and strength to push through these feelings of doubt, become clear about my intentions and take decisive action. I'm feeling the fear and doing it anyway! In the process I find myself reverting to old energy patterns, relying on 'all I once knew', being masculine energy dominant! At the same time, I'm trying to get back on track with my physical health, working at alleviating painful symptoms and restoring balance to my body. I've been calling on my angels, following my angelic guidance and trying to just have faith. Last Wednesday evening was a time for me to reconnect with my essence, to gladly partake in the collective stilling of our minds. To look deep within and find reassurance (and get an hour or so of peace from my anxious thought-filled mind!!)

This meditation focused on strengthening our connection to our Higher Selves, the part of ourselves that already knows itself to be whole. My safe place in nature was the seashore. I was lying on a big weathered rock, with crashing waves all around me and the strong smell of the sea. A shimmering light on the horizon invites me to investigate, I walk along the sand towards it, walk through this light into another time an space. I find myself high up on a mountain top, the fresh breeze and high altitude making me light-headed. This is a place close to the heavens where Father Sky and Mother Earth meet. There is a clearing, I step into it. A crystal pyramid of light appears above me, surrounding me. This is a safe place, a sacred place, I sense a powerful love energy in my pyramid. I am filled with peace, happiness and forgiveness. Healing rainbows, light refractions and swirling golden shimmers appear all around me. I am showered in positive, warm, healing energy. My Highest Self appears before me. I cannot see specific physical attributes, I feel an angelic presence. It is a Being of white light, a formless entity full of love and light. Like a blossoming white flower, opening to reveal it's beauty. I can feel a natural unity, a very strong sense that my Highest Self is an integral part of me. I recognise my Soul, my Self. We are fully synchronised, we are ONE.

This meditation brought out very strong emotional reactions to everything I saw and experienced, as opposed to getting caught up in elaborate imagery as before. I FELT everything deeply. Being as one with my Highest Self filled me with an overwhelming sense of CLARITY. I felt pure, clear, light and free. Lisa said perhaps this meditation serves to reinforce the purifying healing practices and lightening of my physical symptoms along this journey. I feel that this mirrors my clear intentions and decisive actions of late. I also feel that I'm experiencing a purer connection to my Mom's spirit lately, having experienced night after night of vivid dreams where she appears to me and we discuss everything. I feel close to her through the dimensions. (Also helps that I'm currently reading 'Destiny of Souls' by Michael Newton!)

The angel cards I selected were: 'CRYSTAL ~ Have faith and hope, there is something positive and new on the horizon that you can't yet see.' and 'DIANA ~ Focused Intention ~ Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings and actions focused on your target and you will make your mark.'

I am being clear and trusting the good that is coming my way! I'm feeling good about the most stressful things being behind me now, I'm letting the anguish I've been clinging to drop away from my Being this weekend. Just letting go. Breathing. I'm proud of my ability to see myself through these decisions, however taxing on my system. I believe that every moment of this life with all it's challenges is an opportunity for growth. I'm excited about what's just around the corner! I KNOW that whatever lies before me, light, dark or grey, neutral ~ I have the invaluable resource of my inner wisdom to guide and restore me. I am one with the Power that created me, with the creative intelligence field, I AM my Highest Self. I can draw on the eternal ONENESS from which I was born and envelop myself in infinite amounts of peaceful, clear, pure love and light at any moment and BE FREE.

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