Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heart Centredness

'Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.' ~ Carl Jung

'There is a light that shines beyond all things on Earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in our heart.' ~ The Chandogya Upanishad

Last week's mediation evening coincided with the total lunar eclipse on 15 June 2011, which further enhanced an already compelling and profound experience! Eclipses, equinoxes and solstices of 2011 are said to be infinitely more powerful than in the past several millennia. They are a time to reflect, connect with Source, meditate, raise our vibrations and open ourselves up to receiving the abundance of healing energies available to us. The energetic shifts that take place through meditation are greatly amplified during these sun/earth/moon happenings. This time, our guided meditation focused on the theme of heart centredness ~ so very central to the healing of my Being and the healing of our Earth.

Once we are gently guided to a deep place through a body relaxation and chakra balancing meditation, we arrive in a safe place in nature. I'm immediately transported to an expansive moonlit lake, a giant full moon and a galaxy of stars fill the night sky. This shining star-scape above is reflected in the midnight-blue lake below. These reflections create a continuum of deep blue space, so that I'm surrounded by in infinite, swirling cosmos of shimmering stars. I'm swimming in my lake, all is fluid and safe, I am held by the beauty that surrounds me and I am part of it. My lake is womb-like, I am naked, I am a mystical mermaid-like energy ~ playful, sensual, carefree and full of joy. A shimmering gold and silvery pink light on the horizon calls my attention and I cross over into another time and space. I enter a garden, this is a Moroccan courtyard garden, an ancient place. There is Moorish architecture, a cool, shaded interior courtyard with exotic potted plants and a tiled stone fountain in the centre. There is a prism of light in the courtyard garden, a massive clear glass structure filled with refracted light ~ all the colours of the rainbow. I step inside the prism, the triangular crystal structure towers over me, it is like entering a cathedral. I am in awe at the beauty, intensity and saturation of the colour spectrum. The rainbow-coloured light is healing and balancing, it shines through my Being, it is a reflection of my Being.

I stand in this amazing light-filled space - this holy place - and begin to focus my awareness and energy on my heart, opening my heart. I meditate on what it means to live a heart centred life, what it is to live from a heart centred place? I try not to intellectualise this soul question too much, just focus on opening my heart, inviting healing energy to touch my heart centre. Before long I fall into a deep trance. I am far away, deeper than I've ever gone before. My prism cathedral fills with beautiful green heart chakra healing light. This is love energy and it enters my Being, I am filled with it. This love energy is limitless. Spirit is flooding my Being, it pours into me and through me, I am becoming a powerful conduit for healing energy. It moves through my Being into Mother Earth. Spirit heals me and I heal the planet. I acknowledge and accept that I am receiving a green energy transfusion from the Beyond. I am one with God/Goddess consciousness and with the Earth. The Divine Mother is flowing through my veins! I feel powerful and connected. I am part of everything and everything is a part of me. The energy is very strong, it feels like a vibration. I am having a mystical experience, this is a sacred initiation! I am able to transfer healing energy to all those who are suffering and transmute pain and negativity into love. I have the sensation of holding my own Being and all the Beings of the vast, limitless Universe in my huge heart. I heal us this way. A message comes through me to all the Beings that inhabit Mother Earth:

'This is a call for ascension into heart centered Consciousness, let us raise our level of awareness, let us support the filling of the Universe with loving, nurturing Feminine energy, so we may heal. Oh, sacred Divine Mother ~ Goddess of Light and Love ~ our precious Gaia ~ let gentleness, compassion, growth, beauty and harmony reign supreme here on Earth.' A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! :)

To me living from a heart centred place means putting Heart Consciousness at the centre of my life, realising that my heart is the core of my Being and allowing my thoughts, words and deeds to reflect this. Operating from a heart centred place means shining the light of Consciousness into the darkest corners of ourselves while we practice self-compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves as we are, as we lovingly embracing our dis-ease, flaws and sheer humanness! Being heart centred is about being an authentic expression of ourselves, letting our God-given beauty shine through. It is about moving through eternity (and this life, this parentheses in eternity) with grace and an open heart, always returning to a place of equanimity ~ a grounded, everlasting, deep connection to the Divine, to inner wisdom, to Source; operating from a self-aware space for our Highest Good. Heart centredness is always returning to love, light, compassion, healing, a higher energy vibration, peace, harmony, feeling and Truth ~ a sacred central space where we fully embrace the fact that: WHAT WE ARE IS THE BEYOND.

This meditation experience was very powerful, on returning to full consciousness, to the reality of my body on that chair, in that room, I felt dizzy and had the feeling that I was travelling very fast through time and space, covering a great distance in a short amount of time. I also saw flashes of light behind closed eyes. I felt intense abdominal pain during and after the meditation, a pulling sensation at my ovaries and uterus ~ the call of the Divine Feminine. This was a 'meeting of the sacred four' ~ it was no coincidence that just four of us joined in this particular meditation during the full lunar eclipse. Lisa shared with us afterwards that something very dramatic happened here, a miraculous happening, something beyond comprehension, beyond the mind, she felt it deeply. The four of us have done this before in another lifetime in Egypt! It is a sacred coincidence, a holy synchronicity. We are to mark this day in our journals, the significance of which will be revealed to us when the time is right. We should write down our dreams. We are to practice holding the energy inside ourselves, not diluting it through flippancy, laughter or over-intellectualising our experiences. We touched other-worldy past-life visions, our soul stories were revealed to us! This is not a time to be frivolous with the sacredness we possess! We are to honour the energy that has been activated within us and allow the healing shifts to take place.

I received some priceless feedback from the dear souls I shared this fantastic experience with. They agreed that I am changing, my energy is shifting. These are visible shifts to my Being, reflected outwardly. I actually look different! I'm beautiful, glowing and radiant. Lisa said she is seeing a young priestess here before her! My energy is lighter, calmer, more loving. I'm shifting from living under a great heaviness to consciously releasing this. I have a straighter posture, this lightness of spirit is reflected in a longer neck! Lisa said that I will surprise myself! All good things to hear! I'm grateful to you, beautiful souls.

The angel cards I selected were: 'KALI ~ Endings and Beginnings: The old must be released so that the new can enter' and 'REJUVENATION ~ Get a good night's sleep. Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.' A gentle reminder from my angels to let go of certain negative things, so that I can welcome in positivity and healing, that this is indeed the Divine flow of the Universe. Also, I've been experiencing sleep disturbances lately, as I process mental/emotional shifts and spiritual awakenings, I have trouble sleeping, waking in the early hours to journal and discharge! In choosing this angel card, I could hear my angels say: 'Sleep now, my child, just let go and sleep, we send you peace.' I'm happy to report that my angels blessed me with a deep, sound night's sleep the night of this meditation! Thank you angels!

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