Friday, June 3, 2011

Lead into Gold

'Not all those who wander are lost.' ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Last week's meditation group was inspiring as always! This meditation's theme centred on the eternal cycles of decay and renewal we follow in our lives. Our task is to learn to augment the inevitable upward spiral, where we are continually renewed and are able to digest soul lessons and rebirth ourselves, grow and change.

The meditation begins with a deep body relaxation and chakra balancing, then we find ourselves in a real or imagined safe place in nature, gently allowing our sub-conscious minds to deliver us a spontaneous experience. I found myself in a rose quartz crystal cave, surrounded by soft, pink beaming light. The entrance to the cave leads out onto a sheer cliff face, the view from my cave is spectacular, I am high above a vast seascape that goes on forever and a rugged, rocky shoreline. I have perspective from this viewpoint, high above it all. It is peaceful up here. A shimmering mist appears in the atmosphere outside my cave. I jump off the cliff through it, completely unafraid, I just surrender to the death of this reality. I let go. I am falling and flying. (This is definitely a GROWTH for me!!) I am moving into another time and space. I find myself lying on a mountain top. It is an Alpine scene, lush green grass dotted with wild spring flowers and snow-capped mountains in the distance. Everything is crisp and fresh. I get up and walk towards a clearing. Here there is a large glass pyramid, I step inside. I see a minimal concrete altar before me and on the altar are four objects: an ornate gold mirror, a heavy silver sword, an ancient wand or torch lit by fire and a pewter chalice.

We are asked to pick up each of the objects in turn and gently observe any thoughts, reactions, feelings or memories that come up. First I picked up the mirror. This is the mirror of HONESTY, where we can truthfully reflect on our journeys and see our truest, deepest selves with acceptance and without self-judgement. I didn't see a reflection in my mirror but quite suddenly felt my Mom's presence around me. I felt a tingling on my head and forehead, as if she was holding her hand above my head, transmitting warm love energy into my Being. I felt emotions rise up inside me, I let the tears come. A single tear ran down my left cheek from under my closed lashes, from my feminine side. It felt healing to gently cry during the meditation, to honour the feelings that arrived in that moment and to release the pain that came up. Next I picked up the sword. This is the sword of DISCERNMENT, sharpening our senses of perception and observation, so that we may make more informed choices about what we choose to release and what we choose to nurture into existence within our Beings. Next I picked up the lit wand. This is the wand of HUMILITY, we use this to shine the light of humility and Consciousness into the darkest corners of our ego mind, so that we may transmute through fire those things that no longer serve our Highest Good. Lastly I picked up the chalice. This is the chalice of CELEBRATION, this allows us to experience all the beauty, abundance and fullness that exists for us. I replace all four objects on the altar and stand in front of it for a while, quietly contemplating the significance of the symbols for myself. As I do this I hear the distinct words: 'We support you.'

This meditation flashed past, it felt very quick and was over too soon! I felt that I needed more time to meditate on each of the four sacred symbolic objects. Lisa assured us that we would delve deeper into this meditation again at a later date. This ancient ritual at the altar with the four objects of honesty, discernment, humility and celebration is a powerful and profound exercise, a way for us to reflect as we prepare to complete yet another cycle of 'releasing the old to make way for the new' in the upward spiral of Life. This ritual can help us transcend the pain and grief of change, so that we can be released from it to wander with purpose and joy on these journeys of the soul, to magically transform our inner lead into gold. This analogy to me means having the strength and insight to use the immovable obstacles and heaviness we feel within us as doorways to creating freedom and healing, so we may learn the priceless soul lessons mapped out for us.

The angel cards I selected were: 'ISOLT ~ Undying Love: The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation' and 'PATIENCE ~ Now is the time to learn, study and gather information. Enjoy being a student, because in the future you will synthesise your knowledge into action.' So very central to two issues I'm currently experiencing! As I navigate the stormy waters of my relationship with my precious sister, it is good to be reminded by my angels that our sisterly love is eternal. We are karmically blessed, regardless of the current ego-driven conflicts surfacing within me. And ~ aaah... patience ~ not one of my natural attributes! Just the previous evening my sweet friend Mich pointed out that patience is indeed a virtue, when I expressed my impatience in awaiting my elusive menstrual gift, with all the side effects of the hormonal imbalance that this wait brings. I am indeed currently an eager student of the Spirit! Thank you angels, for the reminders!

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