Friday, July 29, 2011


'Sometime in your life you will go on a journey. It will be the longest journey you have ever taken. It is the journey to find yourself.'
~ Katherine Sharp

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blessings to Your Heart

A text message from my sister last evening: 'Blessings to your heart... And so shall it be. x'

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Precious Work

A week or two ago I had the privilege of bringing a completely new modality into my healing mix ~ I experienced my first tarot reading session with Lisa, my one-stop healing resource of late! I absolutely LOVED it, what an amazingly revealing, accurate and insightful art of prophecy! Lisa doesn't use the cards to predict the future, but rather focuses on the energies that are currently surrounding us. We reveal deeper layers of my Being in the Now, discovering a true reflection of where I'm at in my life and my healing journey at this moment, mapping out a detailed story through the cards. The cards tell all!

We started with an opening prayer for guidance, asking God/Goddess/All That Is and my guides and guardian angels to allow the right things to be revealed to us, that everything be for my Highest Good. I called my Mom's energy to be with me, for her to help me choose the cards that would reveal the Truth to us. I know she was there and Lisa confirmed she also felt her around us.

Using the beautiful (and synchronistic) Rose Goddess tarot deck, which I shuffled to infuse it with my energy and intentions, I selected five initial cards and then five more cards to create a general spread. The primary cards I selected were five strong archetypal energies, Lisa's comment was: 'Aah, nothing insipid here!' These cards were ~ the Four of Cups: Self, self, self. The journey of the Self has begun! The time is now to hear the call to focus on myself and my inner growth. This card speaks to my need to reintroduce balance into my life by taking better care of myself and putting the healing of my body, mind and soul first on my list. By doing this I'm building empowering foundations of a new way of Being. Balance, a key word for me on this journey! The Tower: Powerful transformation. This card stands for dramatic change. (Hello!) Structures and belief systems I have long believed to be true have been demolished, childhood ways of operating have fallen away. I am re-looking and questioning my old ways of Being. Temperance: Moderation in all things. Temperance means showing restraint in action and feeling, to temper something is to soften it. As I recreate myself and move through the challenging peaks and valleys of this journey, I can practice temperance ~ going easy, not jumping head first into the depths of difficulties. I can soften my masculine energy dominant ways with feminine self-nurturing energy, practice moderation with my diet, achieve an evenness, ease and balance in my emotions, instead of swinging to extremes. As Life carves and shapes the new me, clearing away old patterns, let me emerge as my truer Self, with a greater awareness of how to move forward with more temperance. The Hermit: The quiet life. (How true! The story of my current life!) This is the card of introspection and solitude. It is about getting reacquainted with ourselves. I do withdraw from life and escape into solitude but this card has a deeper meaning. It's about choosing to take the time to digest and process, integrating the spiritual lessons I am learning, reformulating myself on a soul level, very necessary to fully benefit from this, the most important work of my life. The Sun: Seeing the light. This is my breakthrough card! Light is the metaphor for Truth. I am now seeing the light and the Truth. As the supreme source of light, the Sun is a powerful symbol of knowledge and understanding. I am becoming 'enlightened', achieving a new level of understanding of my Self. A brilliant new light-filled way of existence is about to be born. This is the light at the end of my dark tunnel. I am beginning to truly shine.

I then drew the next five cards to complete the spread. Lisa grouped the following three cards together, as they represent my stresses and anxieties, the darker side. I call them my depression cards. I chose the Five of Wands which shows outer and inner conflict, a message for me to choose my battles and not get overwhelmed by difficulties rising up from within and thereby reflected around me; the Ten of Wands symbolising carrying of a heavy burden physically, mentally or emotionally, carrying the weight of the world. The heavy burden of tying up loose ends from an old way of life, while simultaneously preparing for a new one. This combined with the added weight of criticism and self-judgement, when I think I should be doing more, that I'm not achieving enough. This card's message is that my goal is within reach, not to give up; the Eight of Swords signals lost direction and confusion, restricted action due to indecision. The focus is on withdrawal, limbo and imprisonment, also how I cut myself down. At times I do feel hopeless about my current life situation and frustrated at my lack of energy and focus to move forward. It feels like a prison of my own making. I'm just trying to be where I am at this moment, however difficult, painful or directionless, and be there without judgment.

The other two cards of this group Lisa grouped together as 'messengers' or 'invitations': the Page of Cups is the card of intuition and following my heart. It represents new beginnings, dreams coming to life and following my inner guidance to new horizons and possibilities. It's the card of connections and coincidences and speaks of me trusting my inner wisdom and intuition; and the Page of Swords representing the spirit of learning, the adventure of tackling the new, inner learning or self-discovery. I'm on a wonderful journey of self-study in the world of the healing arts. There is a lot to learn!

Next Lisa suggested I select four more cards, asking the cards to confirm positive growth or benefits that could come from our healing work together. The cards revealed two new beginnings, one in work, focusing on intellect and creativity and one personal one, focusing on a new relationship or connection to do with the heart. I chose the Ace of Swords, representing our ability to overcome obstacles with reason and intellect, truth and justice. The pen is mightier than the sword! This is my calling, I am to write, already evident as my blog, soon to materialise as books. I can use this vocation as an opportunity to integrate my masculine and feminine energies, my diligence and attention to detail married with beautiful, meaningful and creatively presented spiritual content. I also chose the Ace of Cups, the card of our heart of hearts, the essence of the heart - the deepest emotional and spiritual love within us and the emotional intelligence that knows how to manifest this love. This is a celebration card, possibly indicating a new heart-centred relationship. I am to draw to myself a whole person, someone intelligent and evolved, someone who has walked through the mire of their own soul journey.

The last two cards are linked to the previous two and are linked together, both leading from my work with Lisa and the new beginnings revealed to us, both strong male energy balancing my evolving femininity ~ the Knight of Pentacles representing motion and change. Whenever knights appear in a reading it means that long term conditions are going to come to an end; and the King of Pentacles representing expansion, communication, contacts with those in power or authority. It is also possible for a king to represent a person. This could indicate a solid, steady man with great financial gifts entering my life unexpectedly. (That new relationship you mentioned? Bring it on!)

How true! How reassuring and massively exciting! Thank you, Lisa! As we were closing the session, Lisa turned to me, sighed a deep sigh and said: 'This precious work!!' Precious indeed. I am truly in a mode of exploration, boldly exploring new healing modalities, testing out what resonates with me, in this case the magical and mystical marvels of tarot wisdom! I am learning to trust that no matter the tool we use, authentic messages of reassurance and healing will reach me just at the perfect time.

Monday, July 25, 2011


'If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.' ~ Mother Teresa

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Affirmation for Today

'I have faith in the unlimited loving power of the Universe.' ~ Louise L. Hay

Friday, July 22, 2011

Love Transforms

'As you continue to send out love, the energy returns to you in a regenerating spiral... As love accumulates, it keeps your system in balance and harmony. Love is the tool and more love is the end product.

' ~ Sara Paddison, Hidden Power of the Heart

'A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.'
~ Chinese Proverb

'Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.'
~ Joseph Campbell

I attended a meditation workshop last Saturday afternoon facilitated by Lisa Gordon. It was held at a beautiful venue, the ISHTA Studio of Yoga and Health. We meditated in a practice space which leads out onto a lush, tropical, oriental water garden, complete with trickling water features, a koi pond and ducks! Such a peaceful and tranquil way to spend a Saturday afternoon ~ calming and centering. We welcomed many new faces, a larger group increasing the healing energy for deeper and more profound shifts to take place. I invited my friend Karin B to join me, it was wonderful to share this experience with you, my friend, thank you!

The recent profound lunar events and resulting energy shifts are having an impact on our well-being and relationships. There have been many instances of disruption, constriction and conflict arising as a result. This workshop was about calming and soothing this inner chaos, bringing us awareness and peace. The theme was the HEART CENTRE, focusing on the heart chakra ~ the chakra of love, balance, self-love and self acceptance, relationship, intimacy, compassion, forgiveness, empathy and receptivity. The heart chakra is at the centre of the chakra system, representing a bridge between the upper three and lower three chakras. Here at the centre of our Beings, we encounter the realm of Love, with a capital 'L' ~ the love of God/Goddess/All That Is. In this realm we become conscious of the value of our true Selves, leaving behind the ego self and recognising this Truth in others. Through meditating on our heart centre, we are firstly practicing the stilling our minds, giving us a deeper sense of joy, clarity and meaning, secondly cultivating awareness (our capacity to know, feel and experience) at this energy centre and thirdly bringing balance to our heart chakra. When our heart chakra is balanced, we learn to achieve equilibrium in the actions of taking in and letting go, giving and receiving, loving and being loved, harmonising the internal aspect of ourselves with the external world around us.

After a body relaxation and chakra re-alignment meditation, Lisa invites us to find ourselves in a safe place in nature, somewhere we've been before or are creating in our minds. I am immediately transported to an orchard of cherry blossom trees, a place I've never been before. I walk beneath an overhanging shower of soft pink cherry blossoms, petals and faerie-like white seed spores gently carried by the breeze... a peaceful and idyllic scene. I notice a shimmer on the horizon and leave my cherry blossom trees to arrive in an enchanted forest. I notice a clearing, a sacred circle of pink rose quartz crystals, shining beautifully in the light, illuminated from within. I enter the circle. I am encircled in warm pink light and love. It's a safe place here. We focus on healing energy emanating downwards through our crown chakra, flowing into our heart centre and a spreading, a blossoming occurring at the centre of our Beings ~ our heart taking the form of a large pink rose, opening slowly to reveal many layers of petals. This is love flowing outwards to other members of the group and beyond into the ether. We open our hearts and flood our Beings with love energy, healing ourselves and naturally expanding outwards into the Universe, healing others and the planet. We meditate on this process of allowing our hearts to expand and feel how our limitless love energy flows freely. My rose heart seemed to weep as I sensed dewdrops forming on the petals. The petals of our heart roses then slowly start to move, gently closing, love flowing inwards to ourselves. We imagine holding and nurturing ourselves in our own hearts, filling up with compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. We include all relationships, people, situations and world events that need healing. We hold everything lightly in our hearts, also practicing receiving love with gratitude. We have now experienced the effortless flow of love energy through us, a sweet outflow and influx, giving and receiving with full hearts.

The angel cards I selected were: 'AERACURA ~ Blossoming: You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process and do not give up' and 'CLEARING ~ Clear the clutter. When in doubt, throw it out.' The blossoming card fits so perfectly into the theme of this meditation workshop and this particular juncture in my healing journey. I am blossoming on many levels as I grow and heal, I must be patient with myself on this journey and trust the process. I'm staying alert to messages about the clearing card. I know this is mental/emotional clutter I need to clear, I'm sure all will be revealed at the right time.

We each shared a word or two with the group to ground our energy after the meditation, communicating how we were feeling in that moment. I said I felt connected and very grateful. What a privilege to share such a wonderful experience with this community of fellow travelers on this journey of discovery! We closed this special day out in the late afternoon winter sun, in the garden, enjoying a chat over a cup of vanilla herbal tea and a bounty of fresh strawberries and sweet green grapes. This day was my own pink miracle ~ pink cherry blossoms that appeared to me ahead of any colour clues being revealed, pink rose quartz crystals, the pink heart chakra rose, the pink 'blossoming' angel card: all truly feminine, flowing, healing, happy and abundant. Love transforms! It's miraculous when we can tune into the miracle of inner transformation, where love changes our perception of ourselves and this in turn changes our perception of the world.

The Ishta School of Yoga and Health South Africa:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cherish Yourself

'As you breathe in - cherish yourself. As you breathe out - cherish all Beings.' ~ Dalai Lama

Last week's meditation focused on connecting with our totem animals, our animal guides. We explore what these messengers of Spirit have to communicate to us, why they reveal themselves in the specific form chosen by our subconscious minds and are able to begin unveiling their deeper symbolism and meaning in our lives. We are able to unlock their secrets, getting in touch with the qualities found within this animal that we either crave, connect with or feel a deep affinity toward.

My safe place in nature is a beautiful misty waterfall. Layers of smooth rock create sparkling pools of water, with multiple waterfalls cascading down, the exhilarating sound of rushing water all around. I am beneath a waterfall, feeling the cool water flow over me, refreshing my entire Being. I am bathed, washed and cleansed in this pool. It is cleansing on all levels. A gold, silvery pink light shimmers on the horizon, I make my way from my waterfall into another time and space. I am on a mountain top and see a cave, I walk towards it and enter. This is a sacred, very old place, where many eons of ritual has taken place, I have the feeling that this is the home of a shaman. There is magic practiced here, I feel the electric energy of this place. I see hieroglyphics, all manner of ancient scripts marking the walls of the cave, carvings lit up by flickering lamp light. There is a pentagram carved into the centre of the stone cave floor, I instinctively know I am to sit on this spot. I sit down here. I thick mist enters the cave and starts to swirl in an anti-clockwise direction, it is thick and soupy, I cannot see in front of me. In an instant, the mist disappears, to reveal a giant owl before me. It is very large, with perfect feathers in many shades of black, brown and grey. It has big magnetic eyes, kind eyes. It is a wise Being, patient and regal. It contains all the wisdom of the ages. I connect with this Being through eye contact, I resonate with this owl, I get the sense that I feel what this Being feels. It is part of me. I ask it: Why have you appeared before me? What message do you have for me? It sends me a clear telepathic message, I hear the words: 'CHERISH YOURSELF, CHERISH THIS LIFE. ALL IS SAFE AND WELL.'

To me, the owl represents my inner wisdom and my growing connection to it. The owl totem is the keeper of sacred knowledge, symbolic of wisdom, mystery, foresight, transition, intelligence and protection. The owl is also the symbol of 
the feminine, the moon and the night. An owl totem gives us the power to extract secrets from deep within, when we meditate on the owl, things will be revealed to us. 
We must listen to its voice inside of of us. It is the bird of prophecy. Owls are night hunters with superior night vision, having the ability to see what others may miss. The gift the presence of the owl totem bestows on us is to be undeceived by external appearances and to discover the truth beneath them. A message of reassurance from my owl totem! Once again reminding me to practice self-compassion and to savour every moment of this life, cherish it, here and now, no matter how challenging. The owl that came to me is a powerful symbol of my increasing ability to go deeper within, my emerging femininity and the process of discovering more about my deepest Self on this inner journey, where I can integrate and feel more during these meditation voyages, these pilgrimages of the soul. Beautiful!

The angel cards I selected were: 'DANA ~ High Priestess: You have Divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teachings.' A message from Dana: 'Your wisdom extends back into the far reaches of ancient times. You've brought this knowledge forward into present incarnation, to be a way-shower so that others may benefit from your experiences. Don't delay in expressing this wisdom. I will assist you in manifesting platforms for your spiritual teachings, whether it's through teaching by example or through writing. All forms of teaching are equally valuable, no matter how many lives you touch.' The various meanings of this card: lead workshops (am attending various workshops right now at least!) / write books or articles (am nurturing and exploring my newly-found passion for writing!) / look for opportunities to teach (have wanted to teach from a young age!) / be a role model of peace (trying!) / honour your Divinity (first on my list!) / know that you are a leader! (working on that one!) A multi-layered message from my angels! I see this blog as a way share my journey and personal spiritual insights with others and am working on putting extra time into my writing. I also pulled the same card I selected the week before! 'REST ~ Rest and relax. Release guilt and make your needs a top priority.' I know that I didn't listen to my angel's message to make time for myself to rest last week, pushing myself to complete a design project over the weekend! I have finally listened since then, thank you.

My owl appeared around us too, featured on the illustrated oracle card selection of my darling fellow meditator Callie that evening, who shared her angel card pick with me... 'Look! Here's your owl!... she said. Just as an added reassurance... and a lovely synchronicity.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For Merlin

'Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.' ~ Anonymous

'I put down my book: The Meaning of Zen, and see the cat smiling into her fur as she delicately combs it with her rough pink tongue. Cat, I would lend you this book to study but it appears you have already read it. She looks up and gives me her full gaze. Don't be ridiculous, she purrs, I wrote it.' ~ from Miao by Dilys Laing

For sweet Merlin ~ I was honoured to meet you, beautiful noble boy. My wish is that your soul will fly free, that you will rest in peace and return home now. You were greatly loved in this life. Your grace and majesty will never be forgotten.

And to my precious Booneski boy, it's been nine years since I let you go and you are still with me. Hearing of Merlin has made me cry for you, a deep wound newly ripped. I miss you, I loved you well and love you still. Boonie, my angel cat, welcome Merlin for us.

Sending lots of love to you, dear Lisa. I will be with you in spirit tonight during your ceremony for him. What a privilege it is for us to have shared such great love and such deep spiritual connections with these perfect Beings. They creep into our hearts and are forever part of us! My heart goes out to you. x

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I honour the place in you
In which the whole Universe dwells.
I honour the place in you
Which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you
And I am in that place in me ~
We are One.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sowing the Seeds

'All the flowers of the future are in the seeds of today.' ~ Author Unknown

'Like the seeds dreaming beneath the snow, your heart dreams of spring.' ~ Kahlil Gibran

'Seeds, like hearts must open to grow.' ~ Carol Horos

Meditation two weeks ago focused on the theme of the garden of our hearts and souls, how we perceive our gardens, how we tend to them, assessing what needs to be weeded, that which we hold onto that we can release, letting go of that which no longer serves our Highest Good. We can sacrifice these weeds to a bonfire, making space for us to plant the seeds of new intentions ~ intentions to heal, accept and forgive, seeds of love.

Once again we were gently guided through a body relaxation and chakra re-alignment meditation, to arrive in our safe place in nature. I find myself seated under a large old oak tree, looking up into layers of green branches. All the different greens of the leaves changing as the sun filters through, a soft breeze moving the ancient limbs so they creak and moan softly. This tree is alive and timeless and I am filled with happiness and peace. I am honoured to be in the presence of such grounded-ness, such deep-rooted authentic beauty and wisdom in the form of this tree, this temple. A gold, silver and pink misty light shimmers on the horizon, I make my way from under the tree through this mist into another time and space. I enter an enchanted garden, this is my garden. I see neat beds of roses blooming in many colours, rows of wild lavender, bees buzzing and birds singing. Everything seems bathed in light and is calm and fresh. In a damp, dark corner of my garden, there is an area which is overgrown, a thick and thorny thicket of brambles. I am fearful to weed here and pull this out, it is dark and angry, the thorns are sharp. As I attempt to touch it, it disintegrates into powder and collapses in a cloud of dark dusty ash. It was a facade, an illusion. The 'weeding' of my garden has happened spontaneously, only dust remains, as if the weeds have already been transmuted through the bonfire. This is surprising, I feel awe-struck!

Now it's time to prepare the soil to plant new seeds where these brambles once grew ~ seeds of self-knowledge and self- acceptance, seeds of hope, awareness and healing. I decide to plant the seeds of OPENNESS, TOLERANCE and FORGIVENESS. These are aspects of my Being I wish to grow, letting go of choosing to be a victim in certain situations, of holding onto resentments and closing my heart to protect it when I'm hurt, rejected or betrayed by others. To rather be tolerant of other people's choices and forgive them. I'm learning through recent experiences how to remain open-hearted. Even as I feel the pain of being hurt and fully honour those emotions, I remain OPEN. I allow people to show me who they are and see them clearly while still remaining OPEN. I no longer close my heart, completely shutting down and punishing, rejecting those who reject me. This was a closed way of Being, limiting and lonely. I now recognise that these hurtful experiences are sent my way to help me grow. It takes a lot of capacity to feel pain and remain open as I heal. I see now that somehow the openness IS the healing of the pain. Pain is a doorway to greater healing ~ the pain of living in this reality and the priceless relationships through which we are learning our greatest soul lessons.

Lastly I sow the seeds of SELF-COMPASSION, something that I am learning to embrace and prioritise. Two weeks ago, the week of this meditation evening, I was experiencing a major setback, feeling depleted on all levels: tired, depressed, drained of energy, emotionally vulnerable and physically weak. My hormones were once again shifting post-period. I was feeling truly constricted and unbalanced. My aim in joining this meditation session (to drag myself there!) was to find connection and stillness, to check in with my deepest Self and find a glimmer of hope, some peace. I took this opportunity to plant the seed of intention to be patient with my progress, to embrace myself NOW, have compassion with myself and just be where I'm at ~ just BE ~ be depleted, be weak, be sad, be tired, be slow, be in pain. Give up the relentless impulse to criticise myself and fix things that are 'wrong'.

These newly-planted seeds are full of promise and potential. Let these precious seeds germinate and grow, let them bursting forth with new life, bloom and bear fruit. Let new shoots, plants, shrubs and trees flourish in my newly weeded, spacious, light-filled garden of the heart and soul!

The goddess guidance angel cards I selected were: 'SIGE ~ Quiet Time: Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate and contemplate' and 'REST ~ Rest and relax. Release guilt and make your needs a top priority.' The same message twice from my angels, to make sure I get the message loud and clear! What a perfectly descriptive prescription for how I was feeling! Thank you, angels.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Walking in Abundance

'All that we behold is full of blessings.' ~ William Wordsworth

'Kundalini will rise and She will cleanse you completely.' ~ Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

My third reflexology session with my sweet sister was a yet another unexpectedly different one! Even though it wasn’t a ground-breaking and revealing one, I believe that nothing is EVER a waste and healing shifts can still manifest. It doesn't always need to be intensive for deep healing to occur. My feet didn't reflect too many physiological and energetic imbalances in my body, compared to my last treatment. I was at the end of my menstrual cycle too, so better that it was a gentler one. My sister wasn't feeling well, so there may have been a short-term limitation on her abilities to read the energetic maps of the feet. Perhaps my unconscious sister-sensitive built-in shields were on full alert or I may have just been exhibiting a state of improved balance! Either way, I'm grateful for the insights that did emerge, the message that came through from my angels and for special sister-time.

My sister applied a beautiful neroli-infused body balm to my feet, an uplifting and fragrant aromatherapy treat, with mild anti-depressant and sedative properties. My lymph nodes in both feet presented as sensitive to the touch, indicating the encouragement of lymph movement in the body and the elimination of toxins. My lower back came up strongly, this signifies the beginning of movement of kundalini energy. Kundalini is a higher octave energy, it connects with the right use of sexual, creative and spiritual energy. It is an instinctive force which lies coiled and dormant at the base of the spine. Through meditation and various esoteric practices, the kundalini is awakened, rising up through the spinal column. My discomfort response to manipulation of my feet in this area is the movement of this energy, a profound energetic shift within! Lower back pain has featured recently while working on one-on-one mindful Hatha yoga practice and the awakening of my body to its subtle and profound wonders! (More about this journey later!) In protecting my reproductive organs and lower abdomen, there is a massive energetic constriction in my lower back, which I'm gently working on releasing on a physical and mental/emotional level. I have felt major energy stirrings in this area, there is much to process and release! My neck also came up strongly, a message from my body to get out of my head, to stop over-thinking everything and over-intellectualising. Even though (or because) I was menstruating (hallelujah!), my ovaries and uterus had a healthy reflexology response, my ovaries are no longer 'crunchy' to the touch on my feet, which to me signifies the healing of my ovarian cysts. On the whole a calming and balancing reflexology treatment. I am balancing and I am grateful!

The Universal Wisdom Oracle Card I selected at the close of the treatment read: 'ABUNDANCE ~ You may feel as though your life is lacking in some way. In turn, you may be searching externally for something that can only be obtained from within. Abundance is the natural state of the Universe. It stems from the loving heart of God/Goddess ~ a blessing which the Creator bestows on all living things. In order to manifest abundance in your physical world, you must first feel the abundance from within you. Take a deep breath in right now, hold the breath for a few moments, then gently release. Repeat this a few times, as you breathe in, feel yourself filled with the magical life force of Creation. Imagine this life force as pure gold light. As you breathe out, release any fear or negativity. Feel yourself bathed in light and love. Feel the blessing that God/Goddess bestows upon you this very moment. Give thanks for the many blessings in your life. When we are grateful for what we have, the Universe bestows it's blessings upon us. Start to give and receive freely without conditions. Know that you deserve abundance in your life. Nothing is ever truly lacking if you keep an open heart. Life is an endless flow of blessings.'

'Affirmation: I Am eternally blessed. I Am eternally protected. I Am abundant on all levels. I Am ONE with the eternal heart of Creation.'

What a beautiful message! This treatment showed me that I am literally walking in abundance right now, happily welcoming the fruits of my healing body, mind and soul. I'm grateful for every step, however seemingly imbalanced, unnerving and daunting. I invite every opportunity to experience my healing on all levels and am learning to go with the flow of Life ~ an endless flow of blessings, if we choose to see it that way.