Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cherish Yourself

'As you breathe in - cherish yourself. As you breathe out - cherish all Beings.' ~ Dalai Lama

Last week's meditation focused on connecting with our totem animals, our animal guides. We explore what these messengers of Spirit have to communicate to us, why they reveal themselves in the specific form chosen by our subconscious minds and are able to begin unveiling their deeper symbolism and meaning in our lives. We are able to unlock their secrets, getting in touch with the qualities found within this animal that we either crave, connect with or feel a deep affinity toward.

My safe place in nature is a beautiful misty waterfall. Layers of smooth rock create sparkling pools of water, with multiple waterfalls cascading down, the exhilarating sound of rushing water all around. I am beneath a waterfall, feeling the cool water flow over me, refreshing my entire Being. I am bathed, washed and cleansed in this pool. It is cleansing on all levels. A gold, silvery pink light shimmers on the horizon, I make my way from my waterfall into another time and space. I am on a mountain top and see a cave, I walk towards it and enter. This is a sacred, very old place, where many eons of ritual has taken place, I have the feeling that this is the home of a shaman. There is magic practiced here, I feel the electric energy of this place. I see hieroglyphics, all manner of ancient scripts marking the walls of the cave, carvings lit up by flickering lamp light. There is a pentagram carved into the centre of the stone cave floor, I instinctively know I am to sit on this spot. I sit down here. I thick mist enters the cave and starts to swirl in an anti-clockwise direction, it is thick and soupy, I cannot see in front of me. In an instant, the mist disappears, to reveal a giant owl before me. It is very large, with perfect feathers in many shades of black, brown and grey. It has big magnetic eyes, kind eyes. It is a wise Being, patient and regal. It contains all the wisdom of the ages. I connect with this Being through eye contact, I resonate with this owl, I get the sense that I feel what this Being feels. It is part of me. I ask it: Why have you appeared before me? What message do you have for me? It sends me a clear telepathic message, I hear the words: 'CHERISH YOURSELF, CHERISH THIS LIFE. ALL IS SAFE AND WELL.'

To me, the owl represents my inner wisdom and my growing connection to it. The owl totem is the keeper of sacred knowledge, symbolic of wisdom, mystery, foresight, transition, intelligence and protection. The owl is also the symbol of 
the feminine, the moon and the night. An owl totem gives us the power to extract secrets from deep within, when we meditate on the owl, things will be revealed to us. 
We must listen to its voice inside of of us. It is the bird of prophecy. Owls are night hunters with superior night vision, having the ability to see what others may miss. The gift the presence of the owl totem bestows on us is to be undeceived by external appearances and to discover the truth beneath them. A message of reassurance from my owl totem! Once again reminding me to practice self-compassion and to savour every moment of this life, cherish it, here and now, no matter how challenging. The owl that came to me is a powerful symbol of my increasing ability to go deeper within, my emerging femininity and the process of discovering more about my deepest Self on this inner journey, where I can integrate and feel more during these meditation voyages, these pilgrimages of the soul. Beautiful!

The angel cards I selected were: 'DANA ~ High Priestess: You have Divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teachings.' A message from Dana: 'Your wisdom extends back into the far reaches of ancient times. You've brought this knowledge forward into present incarnation, to be a way-shower so that others may benefit from your experiences. Don't delay in expressing this wisdom. I will assist you in manifesting platforms for your spiritual teachings, whether it's through teaching by example or through writing. All forms of teaching are equally valuable, no matter how many lives you touch.' The various meanings of this card: lead workshops (am attending various workshops right now at least!) / write books or articles (am nurturing and exploring my newly-found passion for writing!) / look for opportunities to teach (have wanted to teach from a young age!) / be a role model of peace (trying!) / honour your Divinity (first on my list!) / know that you are a leader! (working on that one!) A multi-layered message from my angels! I see this blog as a way share my journey and personal spiritual insights with others and am working on putting extra time into my writing. I also pulled the same card I selected the week before! 'REST ~ Rest and relax. Release guilt and make your needs a top priority.' I know that I didn't listen to my angel's message to make time for myself to rest last week, pushing myself to complete a design project over the weekend! I have finally listened since then, thank you.

My owl appeared around us too, featured on the illustrated oracle card selection of my darling fellow meditator Callie that evening, who shared her angel card pick with me... 'Look! Here's your owl!... she said. Just as an added reassurance... and a lovely synchronicity.

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